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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

When your hunger strikes first thing you can think of is just eat anything, of course! But for me, I don't take easy way out instead I decided to fix some delicious and fulfilling seafood meal idea. Since i have some squids and some beautiful tuna steak in the fridge thought of cooking them pinoy style. Housemates except  my lil girl and I doesn't eats seafood so i have the time of my life for this stuff, haha. Anyway, the meal was great! I had tuna steak braised to perfection. Then the squid cook it adobo style which is famous to Filipinos, flavored it with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, pepper corns and lil bit brown sugar for a sweet tangy concoction sauce! To finished it of, steam rice is the best way to complement the dishes along with pinoy dipping sawsawan tuyu and suka. Twas stuffed and happy tummy after! lol.