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Who doesn't love brownies?? It is my favorite chocolaty dessert of all time and my little sister. We crave the delectable squares every now and then. One reason i was so curious when one day i went to a grocery store and i saw this brownie treats in the aisle! It is definitely new to me because it's a brownie brittle instead. I am so thrilled to try them. I requested a sample and so I am glad that I've given the opportunity to review these assorted new snacks from Sheila G's, the founder and creator of brownie brittle snacks. They have 3 different flavors to choose from, traditional walnut, chocolate chip and toffee crunch.

I was excited to open a pack and so i did, I super like the toffee crunch, it is really flavorful melts in your mouth crunchy feeling. If you are toffee lover, surely you would loved it! I gave some to my nieces and they enjoy the chocolate chips flavored as well. It is rich chocolate taste to it that a fresh brownie has. Those two are families favorites. Will definitely send some to the Philippines so sis could try the treats that she can't say no, lol. She can satisfied her sweet tooth in just a snap away. This is really great for travelling or road trip because it is package preserved with resealable zip lock.

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.


i do love brownies as a matter of fact i had the husband baked it last night hehehehe. that looks good though

My son is a brownie lover, I might look for this in the store.

My kids loves brownie. I make out from the box and it is always a hit. I want to try this too, they will surely gonna like it.

I love brownie.. does it taste really good?

Oh I want to try this one may I know what is the link of the site?

Wow, Brownie brittle, first time to hear about this, honestly intrigued, however, I do like my brownies soft and chewy, so I don't know if I'll like this one, but will definitely try it out when I do get a chance. :)

Oh yum! brownie brittle!First time I saw this product but since I know it's not available here.. I'll try to make one!