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New house new fridge! Next year we are opting our free refrigeration from the house we just bought. It is basically a top freezer fridge and no much space for stuff. I kinda miss the one we had in our old house in TN, it's a side by side so it's really sucks when we decided to left it with the house for sale. Well, that's how it's going to be the main appliances should remain to the new owner up to them to change or not. This is what happening right now, i want to opt the use single fridge we got right now and update it with my personal choice and husband likes the idea of having a stainless steel side by side refrigerator soon! This match to our budget fine. I loved the stainless steel finished because it is easy to clean up and durable and one more it's futuristic look lol. Eventually if we gonna change the rest of the kitchen appliances will stick to this theme.


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