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Haven't you try this yet? If so you better have a shot of tequila rose margarita cocktail drink! It is so good for an alcohol. It is a liqueur made of from tequila and strawberry liqueur. At first thought it was a very strong stuff however in my nice surprised it wasn't at all. It's creamy and taste like milkshake dancing in my mouth, ohh it is totally good! This is the only liqueur that i can take up to 2-3 shots because otherwise i will be tipsy and literally drank! lol. Anyway, once in awhile i have to have a shot of this one for me to relax when i am super tired from all day working from home. Along with my calming and relaxing tea from Tazo. Those two are the perfect pair for me. They're both good and effective.

On a second note, I so loved my shot glass too, it's rare and it comes with the liqueur when you purchased them, it has all kinds of cute and pretty lil shot glasses to match. Actually this was my second collection of glasses the other two also are dang cool looking glasses! Headed to liqueur place for your TRM! Sure you will love at first shot! Wink.