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Wedding cakes sure makes the best centerpiece to any wedding. Honestly, every time I attend a wedding, second to the bride and groom, the wedding cake always catches my eyes. There’s something in it that speaks so much about the couple and the wedding in general. Cakes that are simple and dainty are not just eye-candy but divine. Nowadays though, it’s not just the wedding cake that makes a nice attraction, Cupcakes for Weddings are now becoming the “thing!”

Well it depends. If you’re having a formal wedding, you can never go wrong with a wedding cake. But if you want to go for a relaxed and fun reception, for your guest, family and friends to just enjoy and bond, wedding cupcakes is a good way to set the ambiance. It’s like telling them let’s all be kids again! If I can go back to our wedding day, well it was the best but we could’ve had wedding cupcakes for everyone in the house to enjoy while they’re dancing, lol! Anyway, I’m actually stuck here in cupcakes for weddings webpage called The Cake Shop and I’m just drooling! The concepts are so lovely and very creative, brides and grooms will surely find one that’s perfect for their own wedding.