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Have you heard about organic soda? For individuals who would like to go all natural, even with their favorite soda drink, an organic soda not just spell interest but excitement. When I was so unhappy with my weight, I did everything to shed a few inches, cut carb and sugar but when it comes to soda, I had a hard time turning my back on a bottle. There are those with zero sugar but still, soda is soda. But then I encountered OOgave, the world’s best organic soda.
OOgave natural sodas are all natural and organic, without GMO products and any chemicals. It is not made from processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup, instead these sodas are made with the healthiest ingredients including agave nectar. It is a plant found in the soils of Mexico and had long been used for culinary purposes. But today it is becoming a popular preferred sweetener of health conscious people because of its many benefits.

My favorite OOgave variant is watermelon cream and root beer. The subtle taste of watermelon cream is so refreshing, especially when chilled, yes, without the guilt because it's gluten free, caffeine free which is the kind of soda i want. Another thing is it is low-glycemic and vegan. If soda makes you happy, grab the soda that’s health-friendly, go for OOgave, yup, try it!

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