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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Equipping your kitchen with the right cutlery can be a lifelong pursuit – every day there are new innovations – things like stainless steel cutlery or ceramic knives emerge as cutting edge technology so it’s difficult to know when to buy and what to buy in order to make food preparation effortless. Most cooks just want kitchen knives and cutlery that is sharp and easy to use and surprisingly that is not as simple as it sounds.
Fortunately there are some manufacturers who recognize and cater specifically to the needs of the home cook or amateur chef – JA Henckels makes a Never Needs Sharpening line of kitchen knives that is well designed and offers great value for money. The Eversharp and Everedge line of knifes feature stamped blades with serrated edges which literally never need to be sharpening yet hold an amazing edge. A sharp knife is a safe knife so it behooves you to buy knives which hold and edge or else invest in a knife sharpener and use it religiously.
There are many kinds of knife sharpeners but for home use it’s a good idea to use one which keeps the knife in a fixed position; with a sharpening stone you control the angle of the blade and unless you are proficient at sharpening knives there is room for error. Knives should be stored properly to ensure they stay sharp – wipe them clean with a damp cloth and towel dry before storing as a damp knife is subject to rust and corrosion. Regardless of how a knife may be labeled it should never be placed in a dishwasher nor should a knife be submerged in water for any length of time.

It was a hundred and freaking three last Sunday! Saying about the temperature y'all. So what was in my mind that moment is to have some grilling time perfect for the hot late afternoon. I grilled some burgers and some cheesy hot dogs for kids. I toast couple of jalapeno peppers for the husband that was freshly picked from our  backyard along the cherries tomatoes plus we both like onions so grilled some too. I am glad we have garden to grab veges whenever we want to and of course it's organic you know! So everybody enjoyed their dinner last Sunday! wink!

Enjoy cooking!

As the saying goes, there’s always a first time for everything. For now the thoughts of sending flowers internationally is first time for me. It’s been 6 years since I came here in the States and I haven’t sent something back home yet, flower-wise. So here I am, browsing for flowers online. I came across this next day flower delivery using Serenata and so I clicked, hoping to find something I like, something stunning.

What more can I say? Serenata flowers come in array! They really have a huge collection of not just flowers but ornamental plants as well. It’s nice because they do cater for international orders which mean I can order now and my family will receive it the next day. And to think the prices are not too much for something overseas, it’s affordable actually. Perhaps on my parent’s anniversary I can send one to them. Mom loves roses, white ones, I’m sure she’ll love it! But who needs occasion to make someone feel their special and think about right?

If there’s someone you want to send flowers to, just visit Serenata and pick the one you like best. Winks!

Been two days after my teeth pulled not quite healed yet but getting there! It's much better than days ago if i could only explain the feeling having the worst days of my life i rather have different pains than a toothache! aghh miserable indeed! So grateful husband drag me to the dentist and insisted to get it done once in for all, so happy to say after this agony from pulling i have nothing rotten left yay me! Anyway, this morning i had fruity breakfast the easy and softness i can have for sore gums! There i have, sweet yellow mangoes and some slices of pineapples!

Have a nice weekend ahead y'all!

Who needs fathers day to make our fathers feel they're truly special? I was randomly browsing when I saw this gift ideas dad and upon clicking the link, I saw a lot of good stuff that will really make every father glad. My father is a real traveler, constantly out of town, always on the go and I must admit, he passed on the genes unto me, lol! Anyway, there's something I know he really really likes as of now, it's something he can use for his job. Well I have no idea if I can get it for him soon but I know he'll be so surprise when that happens. Who knows if I can land on a goldmine someday, will purchase it right away, lol!

Totally wicked isn't it right? So not good for my diet, lol but what else can i say? it's my guilty pleasure after all day of working at my house cleaning, doing laundry, and everything thought i deserved this! Amen!

Have a wonderful Sunday ahead y'all! Ciao!

Got a message from my sister back home and it says, "I want that bean bag chair, the tangerine one right there!" I know very well she's been frustrated to have one, and those inflatable chairs as well. Accordingly she saw one at their local mall, the super cute kids bean bags chair and she just fell in love with it. But the price is way too expensive! When she learned that those kind of stuff are sold cheaper here, she never stop bugging me already. LOL! Anyway, wish I can grab a piece but not now though. Perhaps when all are settled, I mean we transfer. Patience is a virtue sissy!

These are for me and my daughter's snacks for the week we both enjoy munching these pinoy junk food well it's not really though we just love it! However was craving for them Monday so i ordered online but it arrived after 48years, lol. Just today and for that my cravings for it almost expired anyway i guess I'll just keep it to the pantry and maybe tomorrow or so will eat it :) at-least i have some stocks whenever! Wink!

t's been days since I haven't actually spend time with my online duties. The moment we arrived from FL, things are like a roller coaster ride, we are all so busy with this big move the family is about to embark. We just finished painting the rooms white. The husband and I decided not to put colors so that the new owner can repaint it with the color they like best. We sort out a lot of stuff, I can't believe I actually burned 4 huge boxes of junk mails and papers from time by gone. So we're really moving out. There will be no separation anxiety for me, I'm sure of that but yes I'm gonna miss this house. It's the house that built me here in the U.S after all. Anyway, I'm just excited at the same time very much busy with things, forgive me if I can't return all your favors, I would as soon as circumstances permits. By the way, before I end this short update, have you heard of a fellow by the name Deepak Agarwal philippines. Well, his name does not include Philippines in it but they say he's a genius when it comes to affiliate marketing and strategies. A friend was looking for his twitter account because even if the feedback are positive about him, still there are some who says better be careful. Just a thought maybe some of you out there is already familiar with the name.

 Anyway I'll see you around and here's wishing a lovely weekend ahead!

Been really busy lately and these passed few days at the end of the day all i can think of is to have great dinner so will regain the energy back after every accomplishment! So anyway, busy working as well busy eating! haha. The second time to make the great northern white beans soup but this time putting chayote vege is great idea with sauteed pork and condiments made the soup even tastier! On the side are fried pork chop seasoned it with salt & pepper with mushroom gravy along with white rice! Hubs really love my soup! Once again we're stuffed! Yay me!

Here's you need for soup recipe:

half cup thinly slice pork
2cans great northern beans
small size chopped onion
3 cloves chopped garlic
3 small cherry tomato (slice)
salt and pepper to taste
dash of paprika
dash og garlic salt
1.5 cup water
1cup chicken broth
acup chayote slice diagonally


Cook pork till brown, sauteed onion, garlic and tomato untill fragrant. Add the beans and liquids and simmer for 5 minutes or untill boiling temperature. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic salt. Stir. Lastly add the vegetables simmer it until chayote is perfectly cook. Try it very good! Wink.

Happy cooking!

Hungry?? that's me, after a long day of doing stuff around the house organizing, cleaning, and paintings i felt so tired and what else i could think of is to feed myself so i cook this delicious dinner for me and family. Afterwards i was stuffed and very satisfied of what I've accomplished today, happy mind and happy stomach lol. My week is just began I'll be very busy here and there so i better get myself prepared. By the way i fixed baked macaroni&cheese, tenderly broiled beef just seasoned it with salt and pepper, steam veges and some fresh strawberries! It is really simple dinner with a little touch of here & there.

Have a great evening and enjoy cooking y'all!

So I think the plans of moving to FL are really going to push through, even sooner than we thought. With that in mind, I'm so into major cleaning right now. trying to sort everything here in the house. We are also expecting a couple of buyers to come and see the property, might as well give them a nice impression. But before I proceed with my choice, let me first check this moisture analyzer device because someone is hunting for this. Also i guess i need this because i was in the sun very often lately i want to take extra care of my skin you know why! Ok, got to start my thingy now! See ya later!

Lettuce at the garden of my mom&dad in-law, this is the biggest lettuce I've ever seen i know the typical plants are just short to the ground however this one is different they're getting tall and picking it by pieces. Everyone in the family loves lettuce daughter devour it with her favorite dressing ranch and Catalina :) So glad in such a young age they enjoy vegetables which is very good!

Happy weekend y'all!

Growing up I was never the bookish type. I often think to myself how I did it with good marks, LOL! Kidding aside, I took school seriously, I did but I was never really fond of reading what more writing. And then I woke up one morning, realized I’m blogging! Isn’t it pretty ironic? But since then, I learned to love reading and writing. Sometimes, I also do the flipping of pages via online and there are a lot of worth-reading topics out there. I’m glad to have found for it has a many interesting news especially about science. The science news 2012 is all about the latest discoveries around the planet, very educational and entertaining. On top of that, this site is also giving away coupons such as Vistaprint coupons, Abebooks coupons and my favorite, Expedia! If you want to bring along a good book while traveling, you can with lots of savings! Just check on their site and see a huge selection of science news and other interesting topics, plus of course their discount coupons. Anyway, reading is indeed fun, it’s truly a great exercise for the mind. Don’t you agree?

One of the nicest place to dined when you are in Florida is at Bob Evans Restaurant, one of the best! They serve quite variety of endless lunches and all day breakfast menus. When we had our breakfast we got the traditional breakfast, sausages, potatoes and sunny side up eggs it was so good! As well haven't miss to try their ultimate hotcakes we got this a stack of fluffy hotcakes served with toppings of your choice!
We ordered our favorite the stack buttermilk hotcakes with strawberry syrup and strawberry topping over whipped cream... YUMMY!
Meanwhile i had two delicate crepes filled with vanilla cream cheese and finished with blueberry topping! Super delicious really satisfied your cravings of crepes!

Exhausted! But we had the best short trip lately! Anyways, while house hunting in FL, I can’t help but be amazed with the scenery and the beautiful houses in array. There was one I that really caught my eye. It was a beautiful beach house with a wide lawn and palm trees were all over. Then I saw some guys, quite busy in the yard for they were setting up indoor playground equipment, a merry cycle that was and a mini tractor as well. I think the owner had them set up for his children, and I’m sure his kids will love it the moment they see it. How sweet! Will share you some of my beautiful shots and of course restaurants we dined out! They have the best food ever! Wink.

I am soooo Happy I got my double D! My taste buds just love them, they actually went celebrating! My forever sinfully good, comfort food!