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~ Bride's Plate ~
~ Groom's plate ~
~ Husband's Plate ~
~ My Plate ~
My collection of photos of delicious entrée at my brother and sister in-laws wedding which includes tasty meatballs with mash potato and creamy gravy, sweet corns, slow cooker mac and cheese, baked sweetened ham, fried chicken, roasted chicken, stir fry vegetables and overflowing breads of different kind!

Wedding was a big success! Everyone got stuffed and food were plenty we still even have much left overs after the party was over. Desserts was present as well, the groom bought a chocolate fountain and cheese fondue kits that all enjoyed. There's all kinds of dipping fruits and treats on the table. Will share you the desserts part shortly! Wink.

chobani greek yogurt

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Another great opportunity knocked on my door the other day! My daughter loves chips period and so my husband, that's why when i saw the Beanfields cripylicious Chips go viral i said to my self i have to try them! For sure my family will enjoy every bit of chips. And so i am right! The first time my daughter got a piece of bite she keep saying "mmmm, yummy chip, and so on so fort she can't get enough of the bag". And i truly believed her because she's chips addict, haha. The good side is they are healthy, made with beans and rice, gluten free and less fat! How cool is that? Indeed great for snacking, will makes your snacks even enjoyable knowing they are healthier than ever!

For my self alone I like the pico de gallo flavored and sea salt is always my favorites. They have 5 different flavors to choose from and they all tasty and so cripylicious! My in-laws when i gave them some they also said twas dang good! 

Here are the nutritional facts about Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips:  

  • Complete Protein: 4 grams in every serving, as much as a 4 oz. glass of milk.
  • Fiber: 4 grams in every serving, the same as a ½ cup serving of raisin bran. And you get both soluble and insoluble fiber, which aids digestion. The fiber also helps you feel fuller longer. 
  • Allergen Specific: Beanfields is free of every one of the FDA's eight most common ingredients that trigger food allergies. 
  • Complex Carbohydrates provide long lasting energy. 
  • Minerals our bodies need, including potassium and magnesium. 
  • Half the saturated fat and one third less sodium than most corn tortilla chips. 

It is my first time to make the mouth watering melts in your mouth slow cook pork roast. Been longing for this in along time. I learned that this is a Chavacano dish, a version of adobo or it taste like ham with sweetened sauce. this is always in the typical gathering or fiestas. I've saw a family pictures not long ago and one of their dish was the said endulsao, so from that photo alone i was salivating, i have to make my own in the back of my head, lol! It is very good for sure because it has all the stuff that we should say we should eat in moderation only or we have to control if people got a problem with fats, the very yummy fattening of the pork, sugar and all that sure you can't resist the goodness. You know bad is always good right? LOL.

Here is my simple version of the dish.

You need:

One whole pack cut of pork either a thigh or shoulder
1/4 cup soy sauce
2tbsp vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup water
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sprite (optional)
5 cloves of whole garlic
1tsp corn starch

In a roasting pan put the meat, smothered with the ingredients, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper. Add the cloves garlic around the pork. Melt the sugar in the water, and add the sprite if you preferred. Cover the pan bake it under 350 degree for 2:00 hours and check occasionally bathe the pork with the sauce. Then uncover, turn the temperature to 400 degree for 45 minutes or until the top is brown. For the sauce, pour it in a small pot, melt corn starch and mix it to the sauce from roasted pork. Stir until thickened. That's it! Serve with rice and side of veges.

Enjoy Cooking.

I remember my first encounter with beef jerky, gosh t’was a long time ago when a friend of my mother came home from abroad and gave us a handful. So I became a fan since then. My sister loves it too. Beef jerky was not a common grocery item back home before and it was only available in a particular store. So imagine my sis and I so excited for a single pack? LOL! What makes beef jerky an adorable snack? Aside from tasting so good, they’re healthy, fun and versatile. Since it’s a packed snack, you can take it anywhere and munch anytime you like to. But for someone like me who loves rice, I have to say it’s heavenly when paired with it, oh especially garlic rice.
~Perky Jerky Review~

By the way, my love for beef jerky I guess will even deepen for yours truly received a handful of it from a very friendly company named Perky Jerky. Their Turkey Perky Jerky, not just sounds good but so tasty as well! It has a sweetened taste with spices that’s so taste bud-friendly. Not to mention, the consistency of the meat screams nothing but freshness. I hate it when I write about food, it makes me feel so hungry and yes, craving! Well thanks so much for these free goodies, they will definitely perk up my day! I bet my sister will ask me to send some as soon as she reads this. Winks!

~Shot taken at Chef Lin Chinese Buffet via mobile upload~

One of the best food as you go to Chinese buffet to dine out! Been craving their food today so i asked the hubs to take me to the Chinese place here in town! There are two best Chinese restaurant here but i love the best one better, thought they have the tastier menus so far! It was a surprised for me because they don't have the crawfish menu before but when i first got into the door i saw them smiling at me! been a month haven't been to that resto since we went to Florida.

Anyway, who doesn't love carwfish? it's a fresh water baby lobster. They are eaten around the world. Sorry to those are allergic to shellfish but i always brag about how much I love love seafood, nothing compares the taste of them!  Look at the color of the crawfish,  so yummy and very inviting! They are good when you dipped it in the butter  and sipping it up to the head! lol. Spicy recipe with jalapeno peppers is what i love the most! Yummy indeed.

Forgive my ignorance but it was only yesterday when I learned the name of those nursing shoes I’ve seen like forever. I mean, all I know is that they are comfy and sturdy, white rubber shoes. But yes they have a name and I thought it’s cute, they are called cherokee shoes. So if ever you want to give someone, a nurse friend, cousin or sister, or girl perhaps, you know Cherokee shoes will make her smile. I still can’t move on with the name, it sounds so cute that I want to name a pet, a fish or maybe a dog in the future Cherokee. What do you think?

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Seafood is always the best nothing can beat their goodness! Those shrimp are freshly caught from the ocean and i cook them right from the bucket! Twas a left over bait shrimp of the husband when he went fishing, have like 2 dozen alive left and i hate to waste them all so i offered to cook them, haha very funny huh! Of course i cleaned them up good!  Moving on.. actually they're much flavorful than a freezer bought. I cook it my butter garlic shrimp way recipe! I was stuffed i had it for my snack along with the packed of shrimp flavored chips and jalapenos pickled peppers with spicy white vinegar dipping sauce! Ohhh life is good! haha.

Here's How:

2 dozen shrimp
2-3 cloves of crushed garlic
1 med shallots chopped
3 tbsp butter
1 tbsp soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste (optional)

Rinsed shrimp good. In a skillet melt butter, toast the garlic and shallots til fragrant.
Add shrimp, stirred and add soy sauce, salt and pepper the simmer til the excess sauce evaporates thoroughly and all the flavors marries together!

Who doesn't love frozen treats? raise you right hand! My kids and us loves them, we always get frozen goodies form our local store. There are several brands that we really fond about including this Arctic Zero frozen treats. It's a shake in ice cream form and it is healthy beacuse it's glutin free and fat free! Thay have 8 different variety of flavors from coffee to mint, and also 2 kinds of frozen bars to enjoy! So, wanna try them? Why not join this Arctic Zero Giveaway for chances to win!! Hurry and don't miss!
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I always make sure that my family eats good and enjoy every meals i cook! That's why i prepared them ahead of time, I go into my own cookbook (own recipe) they always love my cooking, well it's not that they don't have a choice but to like it, lol. Anyways, everyone knows that i am lovingly enjoy making my own recipe and experimenting stuff is my thingy. So today's new recipe i did was sauteed green beans with toasted whole wheat cereal and i use the Original Uncle Sam cereal by Attune Foods. What i like about the cereal is they are all natural whole wheat flakes with whole flaxseeds combined which is very healthy and good for the hearts! And so i made a very inviting dish to my family earlier at lunch with a lil bit of twist using the said cereal, not so common right ? hence, they enjoy every bit of it, husband's plate is cleaned up to the last bite, lol. I am for sure will going to cook again because they keep telling me how good the veges was! Of course yours truly is smiling ear to ear another great meal was served!

Here's the recipe so can try it as well!!


  • a pack of valley fresh steamers whole green beans 
  • 1/4 cup chopped cooked meat of any kind (chicken, bacon or ground beef) i used roasted chicken.
  • thinly slice small shallots 
  • salt and pepper to taste 
  • dash of paprika
  • a tsp of white vinegar 
  • a tsp of dark soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp of UNCLE SAM ORIGINAL toasted whole wheat cereal crushed!

In a skillet, saute onions until fragrant. Add the meat until it's brown. Then add the green beans stir, add paprika, white vinegar, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste, stir again and simmer for couple of minutes then covered for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally until the vegetable gets tender, last but not the least sprinkled the crushed uncle Sam original toasted whole wheat cereal and stirred it. Served hot with sides of protein and carbs. See photo above, roasted chicken with mash potato and mushroom gravy!.Wink.

Enjoy Cooking!

I am pretty sure you will agreeing with me that no matter what nothing compares to our very own pinoy goodies huh! From time to time we can't resist craving of those delicious stuff and lucky to those who lives in close by Filipino stores around they can just jump and run to grab some! I am envy actually (in a good way though, lol). Glad we have online stores that caters our wants and needs, we can just order what our minds and tummy's desired.

In our state, the closest Asian/Filipino store is a hour drive so evidently when i will ask the better half to go to that store i should have my lists of stuff otherwise i will get stuck and can't decide you know! Above photos are just few of the instances of goodies i usually gets, i missed D'donuts so i take the opportune time to really enjoy so i get a dozen most likely and consumes them for days! Stocking can goods and junk food in the pantry as well is never forgotten, then cooking pinoy food is always since housemates are fond of it too! So when mom's happy, everybody is happy... Shalala! lol.

During our trip to and from Florida, I made sure to tag along my partners with me. It was a long 14-hour road trip and if am not fully geared, the little ones will surely be in trouble. Alright let me get this straight, what I mean is I did brought along the goodies they just can’t live without. The little man needs his cars and lil missy adores her teddy. Aside from them, there’s a foodie that’s so good, quite addicting actually. Did you happen to try Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps®? Yes, I’m talking about it and believe me, once you get to taste of it, you’ll crave for more! As per header, the little girl is the one who can basically empty a pack of Pretzel Crisps®, the one with raisins in particular. The crunchy sound of fresh baked pretzels and their delectable smell, indeed once you open a bag, you won’t have enough.

One thing I love about this foodie is that you can pair it with cheese, creams, fruit jams, syrups, ice creams, yes those mouth-watering equally good treats. And of course, Pretzel Crisps® are healthy alternative over chips and junk food.

So I grab a few packs and enjoyed eating while on our way home. But you know what, here’s a catch! A box full of pretzels, in 7 different flavors was waiting for us at home. It was so sweet of them to send me these goodies! My little girl now has her week consumption guaranteed, LOL!

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We always wanted the Sodastream home soda maker but we never got around to buying one.  Recently we got one for free from the company that makes them to do a review on. I have to say, the ease of use and the quality of the product is great. The drinks we have made so far are at least, if not better than the retail ones we used to buy. We use the filtered water from our fridge and just fill to the line and 3-6 buzzes later we have a great tasting soda using our own water!  This product couldn't be easier to use either. You just fill the jug with water, to the line, then just press the button until it buzzes once, then a few more presses to get the desired carbonation. The great thing I like about this product is the ability to vary the amount of carbonation in your soda. Also, with 50 or more flavors, you can create alot of different drinks, including energy drinks!

This is how you do it! We had tried first the orange flavored and kiddos really enjoy drinking it, my boy isn't a fond of soft drinks but in our nice surprised he loves it and can't get enough, haha! The root beer as well is taste even better! I am thrilled to make more flavors out of it. The husband was really happy he even bought 2 more bottles the next day! So do yourself a favor and go out and buy one of these great soda makers, made by Sodastream. You won't be disappointed!

I adapted this recipe from my aunt Jhey Lo, was browsing on her blog and bumped into very inviting dish and so i thought i would cook that for lunch. I used her recipe but the pasta i added was macaroni shells instead of elbow macaroni and i added some Parmesan cheese. Everyone was delighted and loved it and so am I! The grandma was her first time and she enjoyed every bites! I'll definitely make some more of the soup again and let other members of the families taste it!

You need:

A box of macaroni pasta (elbow or shells)
1lbs ground beef
1 beef bouillon
1 med can spaghetti sauce
1 can tomato chunks or 2 fresh tomato sliced
salt and pepper to taste
chopped onion med size
1-2 cups water
Parmesan cheese
sour cream (optional)

Boiled pasta shells until al dente. In a deep skillet, brown ground beef and drain excess oil. Add onion and tomato chunks, stir and add salt and pepper to taste. Pour the spaghetti sauce and 1 cup water then simmer for 5 minutes covered. Stir occasionally, add the pasta into the mixture, continue stirring and add a cup or so of pasta water onto, simmer until everything is tender and sauce starts to thicken. Serve hot with sprinkle of Parmesan or it is optional you garnish it with sour cream on top.

Enjoy cooking!

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Besides cooking... I also enjoy home and garden activities! I went to Michael's art store with mom and they have these huge selection of house decors including artificial plants and planters with all kinds of beautiful and elegant flowers. I first caught my attention on tall planter boxes i thought it is perfect for my home. They will add extra touch to my patio outside the backyard or even deck if we have one when we move soon. I mentioned it to mom that, will get couple of those whenever we get settle here in FL. That would be really nice just the way I've been wanting for! I'll get back to the store whenever. Wink!


Isn't it cool looking cup? I like it alot and so my kids! We got this souvenir thingy at the Zoo, they have the spiral arctic blast frozen beverage cup like 12 inches long! So huge and it is refillable inside the zoo and park facilities so wherever we at, there's always refilling station! Kiddos love it and we got to keep it! This was after the day we went, i had to put some orange juice for myself because i really thought it is cool! lol.