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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I would say one of the best restaurant in our city right now. If you love Italian cuisines well this is the best place for you. they have all kinds of Italian menus you can think of. Talking about sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads and Italian breads. Garlic knots are superb! Don't ever miss not to order some with their homemade marinara sauce... delish! It is baked fresh daily so you can't never go wrong with the freshness. The garlic flavor just absorbs in the soft rolls and it just melt it the mouth. Their seafood basket as well is fantastic along with french fries. I like mine with shrimps and fries together. We always have wonderful and stuffed lunch every time we chow in there.

Another beautiful creation by yours truly. I kinda loving what i am doing right now, simply baking some goodies! I love what my costumers reviews s well, I keep getting some positive words by them. One lady sent me a message saying "Thank you for the amazing cake and rolls . It was the best ever! Everyone said they could tell it was made with a passion and love for baking!" I thought it was so nice of her telling that to me. So right now i am totally enjoying my baking career. Thanks to all who loves my stuff. 

We had a long day today, we started our day so early. In the morning i had to bake some breads for orders and after two hours and half it was ready to deliver so we headed up to the meeting place before going to the clients of his cabinet job. Meanwhile, after all the driving we ended up went to the local store and purchased a new stainless fridge refrigerator. While he was in the cashier i was busy looking on vanities department to check some contemporary mirror for the bathroom. I wanted to get its either oval or circle that has gold brownish frame on it. Thought it would match to vanity we have already. Sadly i haven't seen any that i like yet. Will check more later.

I used to have this kind of soup all the time, that was when i was in my parents household 7 years ago! Dad is always making sure that he provides all the necessities that we need including of course the food in the table. My dad has the very thoughtful and generous personality. He feeds his household abundantly, hehe. Anyhow, I've missed those treatments once in awhile. The other night i was having so much thought of my family how we ate together and enjoy each and everyone. So for relieving the homesick mode, I cook my dad's favorite soup, it is the best ever. Made of vegetables and super tenderized pork with fats and chicken with bones with steam rice on the side... Ohh delish!! My housemates enjoyed our dinner and the left overs? i saved it the next day! lol. This is the kinda food i always enjoy because it's very fulfilling to the soul and perfect for the cold days. Wink!
On the second note ive to check this that sissy mentioned me about because her friend needs it for her thesis thingy.

What do you do after a long, pooped out day? Let me rephrase, what do you eat to rid the fuss away? I have many comfort foods but this time, I want an ice cream! The past days were so busy cause am actually starting a new venture here in our new place. What I like about it is because it has something to do with what I love the most, and that’s food. So I've been a busy-body with so many things to accomplish in so little time. So I’m looking for a cure, something that helps me keep going and still be energetic, and I found no less than Arztic Zero- The World’s Super Dessert!

You see, Arztic Zero is no ordinary ice cream. They don’t just taste yummy but the best part, they’re healthy! It's a shake in an ice cream form which i like the most because my family loves shakes every now and then with all our favorite flavors to make. Per pin contains only 150 cal, all-natural, fat-free and gluten friendly. They are perfect for those on a diet but can’t afford to miss out on their favorite frozen dessert.  They comes in 8 different flavors and you can mix and match them with your favorite fruits to make a shake, just like what we did was strawberry milk shake. We use a pin of Arctic Zero Strawberry in it and add some fresh fruits like bananas and strawberries with milk and the vanilla flavor too and it's good!

Thank you AZ for making me happy and kicking with your ice creams. It’s not just me who’s happy but the kids as well, you see the photo above? The kids can’t get enough of them, good thing this kind of ice cream are very healthy and tummy-friendly. Don’t you just agree that ice creams are indeed one of the best cures in the planet? Winks! Go grab your Arztic Zero frozen treats now and indulge at Amazon.

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I've been so busy these fast few days and felt like i am neglecting my other babies. I'm talking about my blogs! Since last week my time was turn to baking. I got orders from local town here, lol. I was ecstatic knowing that I've got orders and they loved my cakes! Here are the cakes i have baked today and tomorrow i have orders again. As well my breads. When they saw the pictures on facebook that i posted that "accepting pre-orders" in my pleasant surprised somebody really wanted to try it! Isn't it great? been wanting this in a long time that somehow someday somebody will noticed my creations and love of baking. Will definitely continue this hobby of mine til i have people loves it! Wink.

On the second note, will have to make up sometime in blogging right now, haha!

I was never the sporty type, my brother used to joke me, that I cannot even carry a ping pong ball in my hand. Well I’m not a wimp but sports is just not my thing. But not saying I’m not a fan, on the contrary I would love to scream my heart out in the bleacher, cheering for my favorite team or athletes while they are receiving their medals and trophies for sports. Never tried watching a live sports event either but my sister and cousin did back home in the Philippines. Accordingly it was such an experience they will never forget! Maybe someday we’ll get to watch a football game here in the locale, I just want to see and feel the thrill. Winks!

I am into baking these fast few days. nope it's not for eating consumption instead for orders. I got several orders here in our local town's people who able to view it on the local community group. Yes one day earlier i was just kind of trying to post my specialty cake and see from thee what's the feedback of pipz. In my nice surprised, i got numbers of messages that they want my cake to try. So am happy to share them my yummy treat. Wink

Remember those good old school days when you look forward seeing your favorite classmate and hang out after class. Then the much learning from your favorite professor and preferred subjects. Oh those were the positive side of things, and we all know there are two sides of the coin. Student life is one of the hardest phase in one’s life I guess, that’s when all stress-factors arises, emotional, financial, and mental. Beating deadlines, make-up classes, sleepless nights of making your thesis are just few of the many things a hardworking student must deal successfully. When I was in school, I was particularly bothered with anything related to writing, essays, term papers and all, so think how surprise am today that I end up having to write every day lol! Seriously, there was not much help available before, I mean compared to how we can get them nowadays. For example, when it comes to essay writing, research papers, etc, a college student can now choose to get the help of professional writers. Let’s say they check out, they’ll be able to get their projects done the easy and smart way. It’s called custom writing where you can be sure of original content, no plagiarism, on time delivery and hassle-free essays and term papers.

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We went to Sonny's last night, the BBQ place in town! Am talking the "best" barbecue restaurant in town. I was craving the chicken wings dry rubs and i tell you it was heavenly satisfying! HAHA. Meanwhile, the hubs ordered the endless ribs, it was good as well! Kids got their own favorites, gourmet cheeseburger for the lil man and mac/cheese for missy. I had the salad bars as well, i got to pick anything and everything i want in my salad. Night was fulfilling and we headed home stuffed. We always love and enjoy going to this place every twice or so a month. Just the cravings continues whenever you think about Sonny's BBQ.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

Have you heard about organic soda? For individuals who would like to go all natural, even with their favorite soda drink, an organic soda not just spell interest but excitement. When I was so unhappy with my weight, I did everything to shed a few inches, cut carb and sugar but when it comes to soda, I had a hard time turning my back on a bottle. There are those with zero sugar but still, soda is soda. But then I encountered OOgave, the world’s best organic soda.
OOgave natural sodas are all natural and organic, without GMO products and any chemicals. It is not made from processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup, instead these sodas are made with the healthiest ingredients including agave nectar. It is a plant found in the soils of Mexico and had long been used for culinary purposes. But today it is becoming a popular preferred sweetener of health conscious people because of its many benefits.

My favorite OOgave variant is watermelon cream and root beer. The subtle taste of watermelon cream is so refreshing, especially when chilled, yes, without the guilt because it's gluten free, caffeine free which is the kind of soda i want. Another thing is it is low-glycemic and vegan. If soda makes you happy, grab the soda that’s health-friendly, go for OOgave, yup, try it!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

After the Christian Meetings, i was in the mood of fresh breads! My mouth is craving for freshly made hot breads and  my mind was telling me to go and get some. So i had to use our GPS navigation system just to find out where! Panera Bread is the first choice and we drove for 5 minutes. I was hastily went inside the bakery and found those yummy breads and pastries over that place! Was drooling like a kid in a candy store upon looking on the display, haha! So here's what I've got... just wanted some sourdough bread, got a croissant top with strawberry cream filling, a cinnamon square for the hubs and a huge chocolate chip cookie for kiddos and the rest were mine, lol. They're all good! Will definitely go back to Panera Bread again!

Have you dine in a restaurant and got so amazed with their food and wish to marry their chef? How about wishing to be as good as their master chef? I like the first one but I prefer the latter for I often find myself dreaming to be the queen of my own kitchen. One of the things I’d like to master is how to make the most delectable steak and barbecue my family will enjoy and you know what, that’s totally possible with Char Crust dry-rub seasoning mixes.

I recently tried their Hickory and Molasses and Southwest Chipotle which I have to say perfect for all meats and even fish, you can broil, grill, and bake them. The nice thing about Char Crust is that they seals in the juices and locks the taste! I had baked roasted chicken today and housemates loved it, totally a winner! The chicken is so moist and tender in the inside. I bake it for 1 and half hour for 350 degree and just perfectly done. Anyway, I owe it to Char Crust this time! So grab your self your favorite dry rub seasoning mix, They have 9 varieties of flavors to choose from.

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

Wedding cakes sure makes the best centerpiece to any wedding. Honestly, every time I attend a wedding, second to the bride and groom, the wedding cake always catches my eyes. There’s something in it that speaks so much about the couple and the wedding in general. Cakes that are simple and dainty are not just eye-candy but divine. Nowadays though, it’s not just the wedding cake that makes a nice attraction, Cupcakes for Weddings are now becoming the “thing!”

Well it depends. If you’re having a formal wedding, you can never go wrong with a wedding cake. But if you want to go for a relaxed and fun reception, for your guest, family and friends to just enjoy and bond, wedding cupcakes is a good way to set the ambiance. It’s like telling them let’s all be kids again! If I can go back to our wedding day, well it was the best but we could’ve had wedding cupcakes for everyone in the house to enjoy while they’re dancing, lol! Anyway, I’m actually stuck here in cupcakes for weddings webpage called The Cake Shop and I’m just drooling! The concepts are so lovely and very creative, brides and grooms will surely find one that’s perfect for their own wedding.

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What's your lunch, huh? For today's menu.. we have here the adobong tuna - famous Filipino dish ever been! Longing for this in a long time and since fresh tuna steak here in US is quite expensive as in really expensive! I remembered i bought a chunk of steak one time probably a year or so ago. It's 24.99 per lbs!!! What a shocker right? but it's for real so it's too much for us! However, i am so glad i found the fish that hasn't make any difference with the fresh one. If you have Publix store at your area and you love tuna and food like this? Better check out the store guys, they have all kinds of fishes. You can take home tuna steak for only 5.99 a pack with 2 pieces inside. Pretty good deal for fish lover like me! Wink.

Here is my recipe for this yummylicious tuna:

2 steak of frozen tuna (slice in desired size)
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp white vinegar
1/4 cups string bell peppers
ground peppers (eyeball)
1/4 cup water
1 tsp brown sugar

Just sauteed the onion and garlic till fragrant. Add the tuna slices, stir. Add soy sauce, vinegar and brown sugar, cover until the sauce marries together. Add ground pepper add water if desires and bell peppers. Stir and simmer until the sauce is totally thicken. Serve hot with steam rice.

Enjoy cooking!

Lazy to cook, doesn't feeling good at all so we decided to have pizza night later. Been awhile we haven't eaten pizza so this would be a nice idea to enjoy tonight's dinner! We love the pepperoni and cheese and the cheese pizza is kids favorite! Can't wait to hubs to come home he is bringing the pizza! yey!

These days in online world you have to be updated and top of the lists. What better way to achieves those goals?  is you must gain and develop your public name in social media such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, google + and more. Certainly, I am so glad that my fanpages are growing and counting everyday. Thankful to those who supported me all the way. However, i must say that i still need more followers at my twitter account right now. Fortunately, upon browsing to the Internet i bumped into socialclerks their service is to help bringing fans and followers to your account.You can even now Purchase Tweets so your twitter can get more numbers of followers that you wanted. Not just that, they have free services as well but i am interested to the fastest and instant feedback. So thought of checking them. I might try to purchase followers. I need it for my online job! lol.

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Got the taste of real fruits made product here in our local goodies store. We seen the fresh produce store while driving 45 mph one afternoon and asked the hubs to turn back to get some fresh Florida oranges. The store or market i should say is massive and it is cool at the back of it is a good acres of orange groves. All their store products comes from real orange. Like ice creams, candy treats, juices and all that stuff. They also have home accessories in inexpensive prices! We loved this Boston fruit slices, has the flavor of orange, lime, lemon and watermelon, it's a gummy fruity!

Who doesn't love brownies?? It is my favorite chocolaty dessert of all time and my little sister. We crave the delectable squares every now and then. One reason i was so curious when one day i went to a grocery store and i saw this brownie treats in the aisle! It is definitely new to me because it's a brownie brittle instead. I am so thrilled to try them. I requested a sample and so I am glad that I've given the opportunity to review these assorted new snacks from Sheila G's, the founder and creator of brownie brittle snacks. They have 3 different flavors to choose from, traditional walnut, chocolate chip and toffee crunch.

I was excited to open a pack and so i did, I super like the toffee crunch, it is really flavorful melts in your mouth crunchy feeling. If you are toffee lover, surely you would loved it! I gave some to my nieces and they enjoy the chocolate chips flavored as well. It is rich chocolate taste to it that a fresh brownie has. Those two are families favorites. Will definitely send some to the Philippines so sis could try the treats that she can't say no, lol. She can satisfied her sweet tooth in just a snap away. This is really great for travelling or road trip because it is package preserved with resealable zip lock.

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

So while waiting for the sister to get online might as well browse the net and hope to find something nice to share. Enough first with shopping and products, this time it’s all about ideas. Well I found something that might interest you especially if you are into conservation of the environment. A lot of people nowadays want to go green and actually push such kind of advocacy. Why because they have seen the world changed in so many ways, when it comes to the environment, it’s only getting worst. In their little ways, they’d like to help so they started a sort of a forum, a place in the virtual world wherein they can post anything and everything about the environment. Their goal is to address issues about the planet earth, answer Environmental Questions, share tips and ideas and of course, some interesting facts about the world where we live in. I actually find it cool, the topics they discuss are timely and upbeat, the common Joe won’t have a hard time relating to it.

So anyway, you can visit the link above and it will lead you to the website am talking about. Have fun learning and join in taking care of our environment!

New house new fridge! Next year we are opting our free refrigeration from the house we just bought. It is basically a top freezer fridge and no much space for stuff. I kinda miss the one we had in our old house in TN, it's a side by side so it's really sucks when we decided to left it with the house for sale. Well, that's how it's going to be the main appliances should remain to the new owner up to them to change or not. This is what happening right now, i want to opt the use single fridge we got right now and update it with my personal choice and husband likes the idea of having a stainless steel side by side refrigerator soon! This match to our budget fine. I loved the stainless steel finished because it is easy to clean up and durable and one more it's futuristic look lol. Eventually if we gonna change the rest of the kitchen appliances will stick to this theme.

My cousin never stop looking for ways to grow taller, I mean she’s unhappy with her height although we always tell her she need not change because she’s amazing, just the way she is. But I guess, it’s a goal for life and she has no plans of retreat, lol! Right now she’s considering yoga or pilates because accordingly, it’s the kind of exercise that not just trims down your body but elongates as well. If I can help her, I wish to shop manduka  kind of way for her! The mats she needs if she’s really into that sort of work out. Or maybe I should just give her plumps and high-heels, they’re actually cheaper. :D

Meet my best buddy in the house! She made my cleaning as easy and simple as piece of cake! Literally, my portable steam mop from shark made my life easy, lol. We both did the cleaning, i handle her and she goes all the works, no more mopping with rugs, no more dusting with sprays and washcloths, no irritating smells of chemicals and etc. It steams your entire house nicely clean and sanitized! Just add water to the purple thing over there, haha! It's ironing your stuff with soft and texturey washables pouches with their specific uses, Cool isn't it? I am thankful i have this in handy, got it years ago when i had my second child, thought it is good alternative of cleaning chemicals and safe for kids too. Until then we are partners. One more thing that she impressed me always, is that she can ungreased your greasy stoves, microwaves and counter tops in an instant! Overall she really did an excellent job for me! lol.

I learned that having a good TV stand will make the “watching your favorite movies” experience more fun because the right eye position level will prevent neck fatigue and eye strain. If you’re the type who watches TV shows and movies in marathon pace, then you should consider such things as getting the right TV stand, perhaps something like crimson mounts, so that the viewing experience will simply be the best. Mounts are customizable and very mobile as well so you can place them in your comfort zone. If you’re interested in having one, just visit Stands and Mounts for they have lots!

I am thinking of baking some sweet breads today and send some to PIL. For sure they will love it because it's been sometimes now that i didn't make some pandesal. They all enjoy my bread whenever i made some and they keep complimenting how yummy it is, well who doesn't like pandesal? I remember in my hometown every morning my dad buys them for breakfast and we will cooking either fried or scramble eggs with it and some hot drinks. It was always good stuff. So anyway, will get going and make the dough so that we have fresh hot breads at lunch time! 

Before checking this cpa raleigh nc feed for my husband's request, I will have to clean my virtual mailbox first again! I always make it a point to clean my email because it’s not fun being flooded with junks and losing tract of the most important ones. Especially now that my internet connection is slow like molasses, I haven’t check my emails for days and I bet am flooded! Oh by the way, I’m hoping to receive an email from someone with an opp, and if it’s there, would be smiling big time. See ya later everyone, when am done. Winks!

Haven't you try this yet? If so you better have a shot of tequila rose margarita cocktail drink! It is so good for an alcohol. It is a liqueur made of from tequila and strawberry liqueur. At first thought it was a very strong stuff however in my nice surprised it wasn't at all. It's creamy and taste like milkshake dancing in my mouth, ohh it is totally good! This is the only liqueur that i can take up to 2-3 shots because otherwise i will be tipsy and literally drank! lol. Anyway, once in awhile i have to have a shot of this one for me to relax when i am super tired from all day working from home. Along with my calming and relaxing tea from Tazo. Those two are the perfect pair for me. They're both good and effective.

On a second note, I so loved my shot glass too, it's rare and it comes with the liqueur when you purchased them, it has all kinds of cute and pretty lil shot glasses to match. Actually this was my second collection of glasses the other two also are dang cool looking glasses! Headed to liqueur place for your TRM! Sure you will love at first shot! Wink.

Remember the time when you used to be scared of stalkers and followers, like a shadow that never leaves you? Well, those days are gone. In today’s world when people are so active with their online life, be it because of their job or hobby, followers are important, in fact they’re desired. If you've got lots of followers, that only means you have something of significance to offer. For a blogger like me, it’s flattering to read nice words from visitors, most them we do not know personally. The more your followers multiply, the more you get inspired to continue on what you’re doing and even strive to be better. So anyway, back to the header, yes, we can now buy followers now. For example, you love Pinterest and you actually have an account and you want to push it, then you can now buy pinterest followers. These are real people ever willing to follow and repin your pins, provide back-links, boost the number of likes, so on and so forth.

It’s pretty cool huh? I know someone who will be interested with this, she loves people liking her pictures in her dashboard and responding to hundreds of comments. Well, find out if this thing works for you, if it does then go!

When your hunger strikes first thing you can think of is just eat anything, of course! But for me, I don't take easy way out instead I decided to fix some delicious and fulfilling seafood meal idea. Since i have some squids and some beautiful tuna steak in the fridge thought of cooking them pinoy style. Housemates except  my lil girl and I doesn't eats seafood so i have the time of my life for this stuff, haha. Anyway, the meal was great! I had tuna steak braised to perfection. Then the squid cook it adobo style which is famous to Filipinos, flavored it with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, pepper corns and lil bit brown sugar for a sweet tangy concoction sauce! To finished it of, steam rice is the best way to complement the dishes along with pinoy dipping sawsawan tuyu and suka. Twas stuffed and happy tummy after! lol.

I can’t help but smile right now. Thank God we arrived safely here in FL and although we are so caught up with so many things and barely have the time to sit down, all is well and good. So we found a new home, another answered prayer. After days of driving around town and literally hunting for one, we finally set our eyes to this particular house not so far away from the in laws. I fell in love with her right away, the house is so womanly that’s why I said her. Again I can’t thank enough because it’s a done deal now and we’re already just settled in.

I've got another thing to be thankful for and I just need to write about it. It’s the new 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker from Aroma, got it a few weeks ago. Been receiving a lot of treats nowadays but a new, super cool rice cooker? Just wow! I managed to used it couple of times already and i really do loved! I tell you it is multi tasking it makes your cooking so easy and less of mess. When we in our new home i cooked this delicious meal on the above photo and i'm so happy with aroma rice cooker and food steamer . You got to check this out for your self ladies, this thingy prepares perfectly cooked rice! Not just that, just like i mentioned... you can slow-cook meat and steam delicious and healthy vegetables all you want as well. She’s a multi-tasker so she can cook rice and steam chicken all at once. Cool right? So that header above, yeah that’s me right here, right now. Wink!

Here are some of its features:

  • It can prepare 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice
  •  Easy-to-use digital controls for White Rice, Brown Rice, Slow Cook, Steam, Keep-Warm and Programmable 15-Hour Delay Timer 
  • Steams vegetables and cooks rice simultaneously 
  • Programmable Slow Cook sets from 2 to 10 hours for deliciously tender meals 
  • Nonstick inner cooking pot removed for quick cleanup 
  • Includes steam tray, measuring cup and serving spatula
Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.