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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

We definitely need this Nopalea a wellness drink that boost our immune system from all sorts of bad elements in the body, evidently it gives overall wellness to the body.  It's all natural, anti-inflammatory and it is loaded with unique anti oxidants.  I think to those who suffered weakness and chronic symptoms such as pains, swelling and hard breathing , this could help you and reduce the condition from it. I am thinking to try this product for the husband as he sometimes getting body pains and hands swelling from his old injury. Good news, Trivita is giving away a bottle of Nopalea, all we need to do is visit them and call 1-800 and pay for the shipping for only 9.95. So let's check them out! They sold fast! Wink.

I am so proud of this cake i made this morning. I must admit this is one of the beautiful cakes I've made. A valued costumer asked me to make her a lemon cake because her mom's favorite cake. So what i did was, i baked her a lemon cake flavor. Then i filled in with my secret filling recipe with home made lemon curd i made as well. Then after, th secret frosting recipe is assembled, lol. I bought some candy made from real lemon slices, then garnish them on top just to add extra touches. Gorgeous isn't it?

Okay so I can’t help but get excited with my newest, make-me-feel-like a master chef kitchen buddy- YouCopia’s Chef’s Edition SpiceStack. You see, every time I watch a cooking show, there are those stuff that makes a chef’s kitchen look so nice, neat and organized. But in real life, we know how messy a kitchen can become after preparing a sumptuous meal. Spilled water, fruit peelings, leftovers, spices falling over in the cupboard, are just the common thing. But talking about the latter, this is where YouCopia’s spice rack comes in. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about their products and so I gave it a try, i received a product from them to review and i am pleased. All I can say is “You Rock!” Their stacks hold store-bought spices neatly in your cabinet making everything organized and clean. It saves a lot of space, this rack can store 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice bottles. It has a smart design which allows you to lower the drawers to eye-level so you can quickly see what’s there! Just loving it! It’s a must-have for moms like me who reigns over their kitchen and a chef in their own way.

So yes, visit YouCopia today and just like me, be amazed by their kitchen friendly spice stack. They also have coffee racks for coffee lovers and something for medicines and vitamins as well. Check their latest updates and news at Facebook and follow them at Twitter as well.

 Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

My lumpia are served! Yummy and crunchy with lots of stuffed! lol. I have to do my own version of lumpia since i don't have any recipe to follow. So i decided just go ahead toast anything in the skillet. Evidently it turn it really good, family enjoys it! Lumpia is always has been my favorite since forever. Unfortunately i used to live in a place that i didn't hardly find the right wrappers for me to make it. I am glad now that in just a 10 minutes drive away i can make it happen. So to make my story short, I bought the spring roll shells and make some out of it! The result was this... deliciously good! I made my own sauce because this stuff is always good when you have the sauce along with. Not to mentioned the sauce is superb! Just the way that the flavor should be, garlic, onions with a sweet and vinegary taste.. yum! I made bunch of them and just freeze them because kids likes it alot also. So anytime we want to eat all we have to do is just grab and fry. Actually, i am taking frozen lumpia orders too. You just fry them at your home. Pm if interested. Wink. 

I'm still in the mood of baking this evening! So what i did for our desserts was homemade cream puffs! Since i still have some left over cream filling from the cake ordered earlier might as well use it for cream puffs filling. I hate to waste it because the mixture was really good. So anyway, it wasn't that hard. Actually, it is the easiest recipe i made. Just few ingredients here and there. The housemates once again enjoyed every bite of it. I ended up being lazy after it's done and only missing was the chocolate dribble so i just use the bottled caramel syrup for drizzled.

You need:

1 cup water
5 tbsp butter
1 cup all purposed flour
3 eggs beaten
Baking spray


1 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup confectioner sugar
1 tbs vanilla extract


Boiled water and butter. Meanwhile in a mixing bowl, sift the flour. Turn heat and add the water mixture then beat constantly until smooth. Add and beat enough eggs until mix well.

Spoonful of batter into the baking pan. Bake 400 degree for 20 minutes.

Whipped the cream. Cut the puffs into half then add the filling. Serve with your favorite garnish.

Enjoy baking!

Do you constantly complain about sore throat? The feeling of catching a cold or flu is not a welcome idea and we all know that one of its symptoms is sore throat. I hate it when the throat feels so dry and painful, like there’s some kind of a cactus inside! But because of ever changing weather, constant blabbing and even eating sweats, spicy or certain foods, we can all get sore throat. But you know what, we need not worry because Pine Bros exist and I must say, we really gotta keep them in handy. So what’s Pine Bros? Well they are the maker of delicious, softish throat drops that’s been trusted and well-loved by American families for over 140 years! And they are back right now. I am so pleased that I've able to try their products for free in return of what i can say about it!

Honestly say, It really ease the discomfort and irritation cause by sore throat and mouth and yes, it taste good, even children will love it! The husband keeps a can of honey flavor in his pocket and the wild cherry it’s like my daily dose of candy, the healthy way. My nieces and in-laws gave them a pack of each to try and they absolutely love it! Have you tried Pine Bros? You better get some.

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

I so love my oil and vinegar set from Rachael Ray Stoneware collection. Not to mention they are perfect red color. Been wanting for this in awhile and found it at on of my magazine subscription. So i requested the husband to get it for me. Looking forward to arrive. This makes my cooking easy and mess free. I can't stand with the bottles i have right now.

It’s been years since the last time I held a mic and sing like a diva. What used to be a norm before now turns into a once in a blue moon. Back in the Philippines, singing and karaoke was a normal household thing but foreigners, there’s no way I can let the husband sing OMG, LOL! I just missed singing perhaps with a mic in my hand, don’t have that voice of a nightingale but did you know that accordingly, an electro-voice microphones will do the trick? It makes your voice sound way better and the package comes with a mic tips and technique, a free DVD too.

I am having a get together in 2 weeks time here in my house. Sister in-law and I talked about inviting mommies and kids to spend a day with us. So first we thought of having a lunch, maybe a simple lunch like spaghetti and salad. Of course we thinking about desserts and goodies. I might making my super yummy and moist chocolate cupcakes again. They loved it! It's made of moist chocolate cake recipe and i filled it with white chocolate mixture then followed with the white chocolate frosting mixture and garnish with crash Oreo. Would love also to make some pinoy finger food like lumpia or spring rolls and the famous bread that everybody loves, the pandesal bread. Just anxious of the get together and meet new friends.

Busy weekend yours truly! Yesterday i had to bake some cakes. These time i made a delectable two (2) layered french vanilla with my secret recipe filling and frosting with fresh strawberries for the finish touch. Looks like heaven isn't it? Meanwhile, second cake i did was a strawberry cake with fresh berries, as well two layered and my chocolate ganache filling with preserves. Of course for the final touch i made my homemade frosting top it with fresh berries and chocolate ganache drizzled. They both looking good and tempting! I am totally enjoying my baking hobby right now. Tomorrow will be another busy day for me because have few orders to make. Ain't they look beautiful? different cakes different beauty! Which do you prefer? lol.

Have a wonderful weekdays ahead guys!

I am on set for my first fondant cake hands on and it will be tomorrow! I can't wait to see my creation. I admit it's going to be my first but i am already set and prepared how to do one. In my thought i will go make a simply design and single piece. I have all the stuff and recipe just the time permits me tomorrow. I will share later on the finish product here in my food related blog. Wink!

Now that we live in the Sunshine State and everything is so bright and warm, I can’t believe it, am missing snow! Didn't I used to complain about the freezing weather? I guess that’s what they call, appreciating things when it’s gone. Since we don’t have snow and the weather is warm here, might as well just imagine. Those moments when daddy and the kids make Mr. Snowman and me as their snow fairy, t'was priceless. I even used to bug the husband that I want a tubbs snowshoes and maybe he can teach me how to skate or snowboard. Haha! That’s impossible for such a clumsy person like me!

My first shipment of paksiw or pinangat. I realized i can make this happen sharing to my fellow pinay in the US. Some of us missed Filipino food tremendously especially to those who doesn't have any access where at their local places or just being lazy and willing to buy already made :). So i volunteer to do it for them since i love to cook and cook and cook anything and everything! Why not, huh! If you wanna try my cooking, feel free, i ship suman cassava/pilit, puto maya, kutchinta and puto with cheese and more just name it you have it! lol. Even Humba, super tender pork concoction. I use my grandmas secret recipe of pinangat she did it for years and years. The fish soaked it with spices and vinegar. It smells really good when it's done. You want some? let me know i can make it for you!

Starting the year healthy and active is our top priority right now! With the help of nutribullet would be possible. Well we heard lots of positive reviews about this product and we are moved to join the group of hoping to have healthy and wonderful lifestyle ahead. According to all the reviews we read, this revolutionary superfood nutrition extractor will do the work for you to have that fruit and vegetables completely turn into extraordinary. Will add years to our life also! So looking forward to try this product because it is really sounds promising and all natural way effective! Kudos to that!