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Do you constantly complain about sore throat? The feeling of catching a cold or flu is not a welcome idea and we all know that one of its symptoms is sore throat. I hate it when the throat feels so dry and painful, like there’s some kind of a cactus inside! But because of ever changing weather, constant blabbing and even eating sweats, spicy or certain foods, we can all get sore throat. But you know what, we need not worry because Pine Bros exist and I must say, we really gotta keep them in handy. So what’s Pine Bros? Well they are the maker of delicious, softish throat drops that’s been trusted and well-loved by American families for over 140 years! And they are back right now. I am so pleased that I've able to try their products for free in return of what i can say about it!

Honestly say, It really ease the discomfort and irritation cause by sore throat and mouth and yes, it taste good, even children will love it! The husband keeps a can of honey flavor in his pocket and the wild cherry it’s like my daily dose of candy, the healthy way. My nieces and in-laws gave them a pack of each to try and they absolutely love it! Have you tried Pine Bros? You better get some.

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