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My lumpia are served! Yummy and crunchy with lots of stuffed! lol. I have to do my own version of lumpia since i don't have any recipe to follow. So i decided just go ahead toast anything in the skillet. Evidently it turn it really good, family enjoys it! Lumpia is always has been my favorite since forever. Unfortunately i used to live in a place that i didn't hardly find the right wrappers for me to make it. I am glad now that in just a 10 minutes drive away i can make it happen. So to make my story short, I bought the spring roll shells and make some out of it! The result was this... deliciously good! I made my own sauce because this stuff is always good when you have the sauce along with. Not to mentioned the sauce is superb! Just the way that the flavor should be, garlic, onions with a sweet and vinegary taste.. yum! I made bunch of them and just freeze them because kids likes it alot also. So anytime we want to eat all we have to do is just grab and fry. Actually, i am taking frozen lumpia orders too. You just fry them at your home. Pm if interested. Wink.