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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I must admit our moving in other state gave me a big toll. From Tennessee to Florida wasn't that easy i thought would be. It's been almost four months now since our big move. I love our new place we have right now despite of few flaws here and there but other than that we settled in smoothly. One of my favorite place in the house is my kitchen, I enjoy the little yet organized kitchen i have and all the space i needed for prepping my food, the counter is granite so really loved it. However i mentioned above the things that is before a problem was the Florida water. It isn't good at all, too much chemicals in the water so we can't drink top water directly, first 3 weeks was hard we managed to buy bottled water everyday. Husband and I get tired of it and we thought buying the side-by-side refrigerator is a great option to save money. Life would be much easier. Frigidaire was the one we consider it has good reviews for years and years including their accessories such as the frigidaire puresource water filter brand they have. If you want clean and substantial water? Using the right filter for your water and ice is a must. We have terrible top water here, we don't wanna take the risk of having such substance like high chlorine, lead, mercury and whatsoever to our drinking water!

We are glad that we had purchased and upgrade one of the most essential stuff in the kitchen which is the refrigerator. I believed having a great kitchen that you always dreamed of is not just about how big and spacious your kitchen size will be, it is also matters the stuff and the organization you have on it. 

Devouring toron since yesterday! Thanks to my pinay sister in-law for coming to my house to cook us the delicious delectable toron or shall i say fried banana wrapped it in spring roll shell and finished it with caramelized sugar for extra flavorful treat you can have! lol. Never get tired of this, been my favorite snacks ever since! Had it yesterday and keep few left overs and eating them now as breakfast! Just couldn't wait to have in snacks later. Making them is easy peacey as long you have the complete ingredients which is not hard to find.

All you need:
1-2 banana plantain (this is the best option for saba banana here in the US)
a pack of thin spring roll shell (available in Asian store)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 water
1/2 cup strips Jackfruit (langka) optional only if available.
Cooking oil for frying

Gather all the ingredients. Peel banana and slice it half then slice them lengthwise by quarter a size. Wrap it with the shell repeatedly until all done. Approx 10-12 pieces. Heat frying pan, toast them til brown. Set aside
In a skillet, pour water and brown sugar let it boil until it turn to caramelizing process. Then put the banana fritters one at a time. Stir until exact consistency. Serve hot.

Enjoy cooking!

I was cleaning my inbox and deleting those messages i had from previous as in 6-7 years ago. It brought smiles to my face reading some old love letters from the the husband and also from his family back then when we're still chatting long distance. I also found an old friend letters. he lives in Europe and i was talking with him before, inviting him to attend our wedding because he travels alot. From Europe to US. The last i recall was he was going to Paris and stays at one of paris luxury apartments that time for business trip and the company is paying him for everything! He works in a big time architectural firm in Germany and he got the back bone to travel around the world. Anyway, i am wondering how his life treating at present. I bet he is still travelling from one place to another. Hoping him and his family are doing good. 

Took me a day to baked them all! But it's all good and fun. A friend of mine from Iowa ordered them although she knows how to make them however she wanted to try the taste of Florida bread she said, lol. Her request granted and baked her a dozen of each breads the Spanish bread that is very famous in the Philippines. As well another staple bread of Filipinos the Pan de sal or bread roll. The third was the delicious Pan de coco or coconut bread. She and her family enjoyed and loved it! She wants more and will send her some again. Wink!

We just came home about an hour ago from the Christian meeting at late afternoon. Since it is getting late we headed up to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, we had a gift card from sis and bro in-law to use, so why not! It was a good supper as always. One of our favorite gourmet restaurant ever since. The ambiance, food and music are fantastic. It kinda remind me of last week when we had diner also at Applebee's, they have live music and singing karaoke with pearl drums band and singers on stage. Thought it was a fun night with my husband.  We enjoyed the people singing and clapping and all, lol. 

It so nice to know you have a family just close by around the corner. Where you can call, hang anytime you wanted. She's learning to enjoy cooking food right now and i am letting her do that specially a baby coming on the way. Anyhow, I'm pleased that someone knocked on my door and she handed me her yummy cassava cake made. Been craving for this in a long time however i get lazy to prep this one! Thankful i have a  pinay sister than can cook some of our Filipino delicacies every now and then. We are just trading food actually, lol. Thanks sis, it's dang good! I want you to make some more OK? haha. She got the recipe from panlasang pinoy and like i said she did it good!

We had a wonderful dinner experienced at Applebee's restaurant on the weekend. Thank you to our sweet and thoughtful Daddy. Husband and I took the kids as they are requesting to eat at the resto place. Since we are close that time so might as well eat inside. We're stuffed and food was delicious as always! Loved their mudslide cocktail. Best tomato basil soup I've ever had and the lil girl's favorite. The lil man ordered his chicken tenders and fries but mostly his sister ate the fries, lol. Meanwhile, i was in the mood of seafood, so creamy shrimp there you go! Then as always he had his steak, sauteed potatoes and grilled mushroom with cheesy spinach on the side. However we're not done yet! It was timely every Saturday night is karaoke night, we stay for a lil bit and order a dessert! The kids devour them and almost gone before we knew it! haha. Applebee's is always one of the best place in town wherever you maybe! Wink.

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Went to the store the other day to grab some baking ingredients and can't help myself not to ran quickly at the baking tools aisles. So i ended up getting more decorating tools for my cakes and pastries making. I have quite a few of stuff but thought it would be nice to update some of them since i had it for years already. New ones are always nice to make your creation a lot better as well. Wilson brand is always my favorite they have so many selection and easy to handle. I love my those cake rulers as what you call them as they hide the flaws of your frosting and it is neat when let them run for the final touch. So they are my buddies in the kitchen! Wink.

Just doing random stuff here and came across equestrian pictures and all about their stuff like english saddle, riding chaps, show coats, helmets , etc. Makes me remember one of my favorite actress in the Philippines, she’s an equestrian, in fact she played in the Olympics for that and won several medals for the said sports. But she’s very down to earth and simple. As with other celebrities who appears to be so glamorous, she’s so modest and a very real person. I guess her being an equestrian played a big part, the sport teaches discipline and a whole lot of love for animals. That’s why I’m a fan!

Okay so I’m sucker of chips and anything crunchy. Lately though I tried to cut back on chips because, why, needless to say. But then I kinda missed it especially now that I’ve been working with a lot of carbs and sweets for my breads and desserts. I wanted some filler and chips are just right. But then again, I also wanted to try something new so I search, yes I did, for a snack that will pass my taste and still be healthy. Look what I’ve got, my more than a share of Apple Straw multi-grain snack from Sensible Portions! I'm grateful to received some samples from the company. My daughter just loved the stuff! Munching while watching her favorite shows, lol.

This crunchy snacks taste a lot like apples seasoned with cinnamon. It’s not too sweet though but has a combination of saltiness, just right for your taste buds. It melts in the mouth and better yet, it’s healthy. It actually reminds me of my favorite childhood snack, the one I always bought everyday from school. So glad I found something like it around here. Anyway, you can grab your bag of Sensible Portions Apple Straws Snack anytime at Walmart, Pubix, etc. I just love my portion here! Take note they have quite a few of varieties to choose from! Talking about 8 kinds of enjoyable bites, huh! I wanna try some of the other flavors as well when i go to the grocery stores definitely will grab one. Check them on Facebook and Twitter for newest updates.

Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

So far these are the cakes i proudly been making. I've baked and decorated quite a bunch of them already, however can't locate the pictures of the old ones before facebook ever created, lol. Each one of these cake is created by scratch with yours truly. I always having fun every second and every minute of it! Kinda stress reliever for me after seeing my finished creations. Each cake has its different features and flavors. I enjoy baking and cooking ever since i could remember. As long you have the guts and passion for it, you know you can do it too! So anyway, just happy to share my beautiful cakes that i made so far. On the other notes, I am a proud cousin, she- is doing great on her sideline doing custom essay writing for others. She's helping somebody that is not so good at it. Well kudos couz, wink!