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I must admit our moving in other state gave me a big toll. From Tennessee to Florida wasn't that easy i thought would be. It's been almost four months now since our big move. I love our new place we have right now despite of few flaws here and there but other than that we settled in smoothly. One of my favorite place in the house is my kitchen, I enjoy the little yet organized kitchen i have and all the space i needed for prepping my food, the counter is granite so really loved it. However i mentioned above the things that is before a problem was the Florida water. It isn't good at all, too much chemicals in the water so we can't drink top water directly, first 3 weeks was hard we managed to buy bottled water everyday. Husband and I get tired of it and we thought buying the side-by-side refrigerator is a great option to save money. Life would be much easier. Frigidaire was the one we consider it has good reviews for years and years including their accessories such as the frigidaire puresource water filter brand they have. If you want clean and substantial water? Using the right filter for your water and ice is a must. We have terrible top water here, we don't wanna take the risk of having such substance like high chlorine, lead, mercury and whatsoever to our drinking water!

We are glad that we had purchased and upgrade one of the most essential stuff in the kitchen which is the refrigerator. I believed having a great kitchen that you always dreamed of is not just about how big and spacious your kitchen size will be, it is also matters the stuff and the organization you have on it.