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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

~Pork Tempura with housemates favorite sauces~

I want something easy and unusual midweek lunch for us earlier. So i thought of baking some potatoes instead of frying them. Tired of french fries! Was craving for tempura - it is an Asian delicacy that deep fry them with special breading. Since I couldn't find it anywhere else here. I'm thinking of making my own version of it. I had a boneless pork tender loin that are cut perfectly for my plan. The recipe is so easy peacey and less time consuming. We all enjoyed our lunch and kids where eating good because i slice the meat smaller, easy for them to chew. Would love to share you how it's made:

2 pieces pork loin ( cut into small strips pieces, similar to clam strips)
1 egg beaten
1/2 cup flour
pinch of ground pepper
pinch of paprika
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp nacho cheddar seasoning (optional)
1 tbsp Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup cooking oil for frying 
extra 1/2 cup flour for dusting
2 stalk of green onions for garnish

Mix all together except the 1/2 cup flour. Heat oil. The individually distribute it to the frying skillet along with the dusting flour. Repeat them constantly until all cooked. Set aside.

~Baked Potatoes with melted cheese~

Meanwhile for the baked potatoes. First, i microwave 5 pieces medium size potatoes for 10 minutes or until they are fully done. Then, cut them in serving size. Place individual pieces on a baking sheet and lined them up. Coat them with some olive oil or just regular cooking oil (vegetables or canola). Sprinkle of ground pepper and garlic salt. Then, i use shredded mild cheddar cheese for extra flavor. Lastly, broil them on HI for 5 minutes or until cheese melts and a lil brown. 

Serve them with favorite sauces. I have ketchup for the lil man, ranch dressing for the girl and Asian hot chilli sauce for me and hubs. We're all stuffed! Wink!

Happy Cooking!

It's been three (3) months since i started my serious and make or break diet plan for myself! I still cook delicious meals, delectable desserts for me and family. However, this time around i know and have the discipline to control my appetite and cravings. I am so happy that since year started i lost 12lbs already and i am getting there to reach my weight goal until the year ended. So to make my story short, this is particularly i am doing every morning when i wake up i drink a glass of water with my empty stomach, then after an hour or so I prep the breakfast of mine. I always stock up fruits and vegetables in my fridge. Whatever is in there, that would be the stuff I'm using. 

Yesterday morning what i prep was, simple as 123! I started up with a shot glass of puree orange juice, then slices of mix fruits such as orange, strawberries (5), a nectarine, an apple, 2 mangoes and to make it healthier i usually add them some greens. I mix it with my favorite veges, either spinach, arugula and etc really depends on you. So this time i tried my cucumber slices, and honestly i can't tell the cucumber was there! It was delicious! The mix has no sugar added. Just add half cup of water and 2-3 pieces of ice. Then there you go blend them together and drink them! I am trying to stay healthy and fit. I know you can do it too!  

Okay so my sister is out of town right now, it’s work related so I bet she’s not that much into this trip. The good thing though is that she’s with a friend which makes things better. So anyway, that friend of hers is hunting for some musical instrument, a guitar or piano and a portable sound system to bring back home as a gift for her sister who just graduated from high school and got an interest to pursue music in collage. To make the long story short, my sister is asking me where to buy fender passport 500 in their locality and where to find if possible lower deals. Actually if you’re talking about our locality here, well then I’ve got several shops in mind and some online stores as well but I have no idea on where to find it in the Philippines, LOL!

To help them though, I will share these specks about Fender passport 500, so that they can check it out and find the real thing, you know what I mean.
Fender Pro Portable PA system features:

  • Amp type: Class D Woofer (per cab): 10" 
  • Driver: (per cab): 1.2" horn-loaded 
  • Inputs: 6 Mic/Line inputs, 2 stereo inputs 
  • Output: 500W Class D power amp 
  • Line Out: 1/8" mini stereo Out, subwoofer out 
  • Channels: 8 (6 mic/line, 2 stereo) 
  • 6 mic lines with XLR and 1/4" inputs 
  • 2 stereo inputs with 1/4" and 1/8" (for MP3 player) inputs 
  • 1/4" subwoofer out with 120hz High-Pass Filter on Speaker Out 
  • USB port that lets you record your performance with CD-quality (WAV) straight to a USB flash drive 
  • CD-quality WAV and MP3 file playback 
  • Controls: High EQ, Low EQ, Master Volume, System Tone, Level Control for each channel, Reverb Send for each channel, 20dB pad on input channels 
  • Effects: Selectable and adjustable reverb 
  • Covering: Molded plastic

Donuts is always the number one favorite of all time. It can be fried or baked whichever you like yours to be eaten. For me, i like it fried the traditional way, of course. I was craving donuts yesterday and can't help myself thinking of making however i ran out of yeast, bummer! Thank goodness sis in-law is to the rescue she just live 2 houses away so i asked her to came over and will do the donuts for snacks or dessert for dinner.

So to make the story short, i was able to make the kind of donuts I've miss for quite a while now. It is the peanut butter filled one. I used to recall back in my hometown a lady sells them and it was the yummiest donuts I've ever ate! It was filled with creamy peanut butter and sprinkled sugar! I guess i have the right to indulged myself because i never really have any sweets craving since the year started. I love it just the way i want for donuts! Plus the housemates enjoyed theirs after we ate dinner!

Here is my donuts recipe and i guarantee you it is really good! A lil some once in a while wouldn't harm.

2 cups flour
1 cup bread flour
1 cup evaporated milk
1 sachet of rapid yeast (dissolved it with the milk and 1 tbsp white sugar)
3 tbsp white sugar
1 a/2 tsp salt
1 egg
3 tbsp room temperature butter
cooking oil

Microwave the 1 cup milk for 55 minutes, dissolved the yeast and tbsp sugar. Set aside for 10 minutes or bubble starts rising. In a mixing bowl, combined flours, sugar and salt set aside. Melt the butter for 5 sec in the microwave, then pour it to the mixing bowl mixture along with the egg and milk mixture. Mix them all together until well combined. In a clean counter top sprinkle flour and start kneading the dough until smooth and form a ball. Bring back to the mixing bowl let it rise for an hour until dough double the  size. Cover with dumped paper towel or cloth.

For the peanut butter sauce filling:

1/4 cup heavy whip cream
2 egg yolks
4 tbsp white sugar
1/2 cup evaporated milk
half tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tbsp peanut butter (with chunky peanuts)

  • Combined all the ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes until mixture thickened. Stir it gradually until cooked. Set aside.
After an hour, heat frying pan. Place dough on the floured top, using a rolling pin approximately 1 and half inch thick. Starts forming circles until finish. Then fry to the heated cooking oil until brown. Drip excess oil and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then start filling the donuts with the sauce. Using icing decorator or just  a Ziploc disposable bag. Cut about a half inch in the tip of the Ziploc bag. Lastly, dash them with the confectioner sugar for extra look. Wink!

Enjoy Cooking. 

Back then, when you want to learn a certain something, you’d grab a good book and delve into its pages. I’m not really a book lover but when we were growing up, my father would always buy new sets of books, encyclopedias, magazine subscriptions and other reading materials. Except when a school subject demands for it, I don’t find myself reading a lot, especially when it comes to science, lol! But then I realized, we do need to exercise our brains, get out of our comfort and discover things otherwise we won’t get to know. Well today we can only be thankful because we've got access to thousands of books and other wholesome reading materials by simply clicking a few links. For instance, if you’re some kind of a geek or just finds science interesting, you might wanna check out SciTech Daily, a website with everything you want to know about technology news 2013, science news, geek news, anything about the newest discoveries in science and technology. Recently they begin listing discounted promo codes and online coupons for those consumers who wanted to save money these days. I must say, this is the kind of website you would like to bookmark, especially if you’re still in school because what they've got here are really updated and informative. Reading is fun, it can take you to a different world, who knows you’d find yourself lost in there.

In the mood of french toasts for breakfast. So i hastily made us some! Housemates thank their mama for making the delicious french toasts they ever have. Typical french toast is made of eggs and milk, meanwhile i give mine a lil more flavor, texture and inviting! Instead of using just a regular milk, i use the heavy whipping cream with the eggs. Pinch of salt and ground pepper to taste. Toast it to a medium heat skillet and let it lightly brown both side just to have a little crunch when you bite. Then i use the honey butter on top with light syrup, whipped cream top it with fresh slices of strawberries then for the final touch sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Done! It taste really good! try it! wink.

Enjoy Cooking!

I am pleased to received  a box of goodies from Goldbaums, the leading manufacturer of natural gluten-free products in the market today. In return of my honest review about them. I thought they will just send me one or two but in my pleasant surprised i got a handful more than i expected. When i got it that day i hastily tried the crispy N crunchy chow mein noodles, it is ready eat from the package but i thought of mixing it with my Japanese fried rice i cook for lunch. And i tell it was delicious! My kids and husband loved it. It added flavor to the fried rice honestly. My daughter let alone enjoy munching the noodles, lol. Meanwhile, the next day i thought of making some spaghetti for dinner and i use the brown rice pasta. We all loved the spaghetti! never would have thought it was made from rice. Actually, I really like the taste and texture of the spaghetti pasta than a typical spaghetti brand you can buy at the local grocery stores. The spaghetti is simply taste like when i was in my hometown, the famous and yummy my grandma made.

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Goldbaums products has the selection of healthy, gluten-free and all natural ingredients that you can find anywhere else. They're also a good source for diabetic individuals. In addition their products are manufactured in a facility that is free of soy, gluten, dairy and nuts which is really beneficial to others that has allergy reaction to these said added ingredients. Aside of the pastas and noodles, they also have the ice cream cones selection, pop potato snacks which one thing my daughter devoured the 3 sample packs we got from that day alone, lol. Their pop potato is very light, very crispy and flavorful, i myself love the BBQ flavored.

So you better try them. Think the healthy way and guilt free eating experience by getting the natural Goldbaums products now. You can find them at your Winn Dixie Stores nationwide.

Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

I am thinking about making a cake for my parent in-laws wedding anniversary that is fast approaching pretty soon. I am thinking of making them a special cake for their special day. Haven't got any ideas yet and so I am browsing here and there. I bumped in to the Cake Shop gallery and saw plenty of beautiful celebration cakes from graduation cakes, to wedding cakes, engagement cakes, and so much more. Like for instance the wedding and engagement cakes that you can personalise by your choice of colours, design and message. They have a wide selection of cake ideas and designs that would suit any occasion. I would definitely consider getting some input on their cake. I cannot wait to try it tomorrow, since I have some cakes to bake for orders. They have also cake decorating products which is helpful for me right now. I am into cake and pastries these days. I need more stuff to pursue my hobby. So if you are into cakes, check them out for your all your cakes and decorating needs. Wink.

I love Publix for my food shopping! This week got some great deals, BOGO and MC. One of those seals are the Country Rock simple ideas meal. They sell buy one get one for 3.99 and i printed four (4) coupons on different printable coupons sites. So, I've got 4 of these for 3.99, take 2 for free. The weekly add valid till March13 which is today and starting tomorrow they will have another ads to look forward to. So head up to Publix today and avail the them! I love this meal too easy peasy to prepare and family enjoyed it!

So the other day I decided to keep in touch with friends back home, friends I haven’t seen and talked to for years. I’m just glad that even though there are so many things that happened to each of our lives, some things remained the same, like the random topics and past memories. One of them is a friend from high school, she’s now working in a cruise ship in that travels around the Middle East. Silly girl she asked me about where to find cigar cutter because accordingly she can sell it to fellow coworkers and even guest. She haven’t changed after all these years, the same old liberated and candid girl I used to know.

Just so lazy to cook after we got home from Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce for some important purposes out there. So before headed home, I stopped by to Publix and grabbed some supplies for my cake orders tomorrow. I was so tired and thought of not cooking. While i was in the baking aisles I smells their roasted chicken barbecue flavored. I hastily took one. It's always family's favorite. I can not help to took picture of it because it looks so delish to the bones and very moist. It is perfect for my papaya pickled that i ordered from a fb friend of mine. I tell you, they are perfect match made in the kitchen, lol. 

It was nice to hear that she's having fun the other night along with some friends in the congregation. They were invited at dinner, then after the awesome meal they spent the rest of the night playing games and karaoke singing. I know she misses lots of stuff and getting around with friends will keep her occupied. Karaoke is her favorite ever  since in our hometown so she's totally use of it. It makes more enjoyable because the host got the best sm57 vocal microphone and makes their singing much nicer. If i am not forgotten this kind of instrument is really dependable. I have a relative that is a professional performer and they have this since from the start. 

Sunday is the day you and your family slept in a little bit and wake up late in the morning. Typical morning for us, then i make sure i fix my family's favorite breakfast, a.k.a IHOP style, lol. This is the only day i cook stuff like these because on usual weekdays including Saturdays, we just grab stuff to eat that is ready made like cereals and we just have our everyday fruits along with the kind of food we are in mood to. My main priority are my kids, hubs and I not usually eats heavy breakfast. A lil bit of these stuff on the weekend won't harm, aren't they?

Have a wonderful Sunday ahead y'all!

Is to let my kids play instruments. Been wanting them to try at least one instrument that would interest them in the future. My rant was granted, their aunt gave them a dual cord piano set. Both of them likes it a lot but sometimes they fight for it so thought of getting the keyboard piano for the lil girl also. So they could play them together. The lil man is getting really good, as one of his lesson in his home schooling. Just more practice i bet i have my future pianist, lol. 

I honestly proud and turn on to this cake i just recently made! Twas the very famous nowadays, the Zebra design. A costumer asked me to make a character cake particular a Zebra. It wasn't bad for a first timer huh! lol. I gave my self a try since i have all the necessary stuff to create one. Well, i think i could! Everybody sees it was impressed and said hot gorgeous it was. The color, patterns and everything just exactly she wanted. Positively, she wanted me to make her the three (3) tier version of this cake in 2 weeks time. I am excited as can be! Can't wait, i already have the vision on how I'm going to make it just the way she wanted it!