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I am thinking about making a cake for my parent in-laws wedding anniversary that is fast approaching pretty soon. I am thinking of making them a special cake for their special day. Haven't got any ideas yet and so I am browsing here and there. I bumped in to the Cake Shop gallery and saw plenty of beautiful celebration cakes from graduation cakes, to wedding cakes, engagement cakes, and so much more. Like for instance the wedding and engagement cakes that you can personalise by your choice of colours, design and message. They have a wide selection of cake ideas and designs that would suit any occasion. I would definitely consider getting some input on their cake. I cannot wait to try it tomorrow, since I have some cakes to bake for orders. They have also cake decorating products which is helpful for me right now. I am into cake and pastries these days. I need more stuff to pursue my hobby. So if you are into cakes, check them out for your all your cakes and decorating needs. Wink.