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I am pleased to received  a box of goodies from Goldbaums, the leading manufacturer of natural gluten-free products in the market today. In return of my honest review about them. I thought they will just send me one or two but in my pleasant surprised i got a handful more than i expected. When i got it that day i hastily tried the crispy N crunchy chow mein noodles, it is ready eat from the package but i thought of mixing it with my Japanese fried rice i cook for lunch. And i tell it was delicious! My kids and husband loved it. It added flavor to the fried rice honestly. My daughter let alone enjoy munching the noodles, lol. Meanwhile, the next day i thought of making some spaghetti for dinner and i use the brown rice pasta. We all loved the spaghetti! never would have thought it was made from rice. Actually, I really like the taste and texture of the spaghetti pasta than a typical spaghetti brand you can buy at the local grocery stores. The spaghetti is simply taste like when i was in my hometown, the famous and yummy my grandma made.

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Goldbaums products has the selection of healthy, gluten-free and all natural ingredients that you can find anywhere else. They're also a good source for diabetic individuals. In addition their products are manufactured in a facility that is free of soy, gluten, dairy and nuts which is really beneficial to others that has allergy reaction to these said added ingredients. Aside of the pastas and noodles, they also have the ice cream cones selection, pop potato snacks which one thing my daughter devoured the 3 sample packs we got from that day alone, lol. Their pop potato is very light, very crispy and flavorful, i myself love the BBQ flavored.

So you better try them. Think the healthy way and guilt free eating experience by getting the natural Goldbaums products now. You can find them at your Winn Dixie Stores nationwide.

Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.


I have tried the GF pasta from Goldbaums trul a great product, we all loved it, and they have ice cream cones as well that is GF i will try the chow mein next, they make great products!