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Last week i had the mode of baking breads! Since I have some orders to make i went ahead bake more varieties. Coconut bread is the popular lately, my costumer loves it so much! They just love the texture and the not so sweet taste of the coconut filling. A typical coconut filling is mix with desiccated coconut, water, brown sugar and vanilla extract, well my version is i put  a secret ingredient so it would be more creamy and moist. Same thing in my other breads, i have added one or two secret ingredient for a twist of extra flavor, lol. I just love experimenting and engaging food since then.

Cheese bread also are so delicious, the smell of yeast and cheese is a perfect combination! My favorite when i was a kid until now. It is the sisterhood of salted bread however you stuffed them with cheese, they are soft and really good when still hot! Meanwhile, monay and star bread are kinda pound bread they are harder and bulky inside when you eat them it is really fulfilling. They're great with butter or just bread alone and deep it in hot coco or coffee! Delicious. 

The Italian stuffed bread was my experiment again. I had 4 cans of pre-made biscuits, pepperoni and white cheese. Kids love their pizzas so what i did was i stuffed the biscuits with the pepperoni and cheese then sealed them like you are making a siopao, twist the top of the biscuits. Spray the round cake pan and place everything carefully. Brush with egg wash then sprinkle them with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese on top. Bake to 350 degree for 20 minutes or until the top are golden browns. I tell you they taste like mini pizzas. 

So, that's about it! I am always a busy mommy to two adorable and jolly kiddos! LOL. Got to feed them you know, and the house was smelling like you are in a Panaderia, haha! Wink!


i love baking especially from scratch.:) but i'm not really good at it. I really would love to learn to bake all these breads you got here.:)

looks yummy! bread or filipino bread in particlar, cravings are solved :D you have variety of them

I'm drooling just looking at the pictures! I miss Philippine made bread, we're always good at it. I miss everything I could imagine and by looking at these pictures, I wanted to go back home and indulge myself with these delicious snacks again.

oh wow! you did all these? you are super hardworking mommy! I wish I knew how to do these stuff! Your italian stuffed bread looks interesting! me wanna try! **if only** :(

Yum, your different assortment of bread looks so delicious!

I'm not fond of coconut per se, but I do love a good Pan De Coco. :D

I cannot wait to try out your Italian stuffed bread! It sounds divine! :D

baking is something i really want to know, by the way, i like to deep the monay to my coffee.. super pinoy.. hinuhugasan ang tinapay at iniiunum ang pinaghugasan...:-)

Wow, I wish I have the patience to bake :-) I know I can do it but it seems like a tedious job to do or I am just a lazy butt :-) Your bread looks delish :-)

Oh men, the pan de coco is what I am craving for. Nice assortments!

I love pan de coco! That's my ultimate favorite! But, I want to try your Italian stuffed bread too.

wow those breads are so yummy! making me feel so hungry! drooling here...

I really have to learn baking to be able to do these kinds of breads.