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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

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People bond when they eat. Friends get to catch up with each other’s lives, family members get to share meaningful stories on meal times, and even foes will somehow forget their strife, if only they share one hearty meal together. It’s the beauty of food and cooking that makes everyone happy if they put their hearts in it. I personally value cooking and I’m proud to say that I’m the queen in my humble kitchen. I’m more honoured to have seen many faces smile after trying my dishes, cakes and more. I have this long time dream of becoming a chef, but then I came to realized, who needs a diploma to actually become one?

In fact I only need my very own chef coat from ChefUniforms by Uniform Advantage, and yep, it made me feel like a real master chef! It’s actually a childish thing, I mean, I feel like I’m one of those contenders in one cooking show. Silly as it may sound but I feel like I’m the host in my own cooking show program, lol! When you’re inspired to cook, whatever dish you prepare, from simple meals to tempting desserts, from snacks to steaks, as long as it’s filled with love match with the perfect get-up, you’re indeed a chef, in your own special way. Those are some of my baking moments, i do cakes and pastries in my spare time. I am even more excited now because of the chef jacket I've received from the generous UA. What i love about the Women's Imperial Chef Coat with Contrast Piping  is that very comfortable to wear when you're in a fast-paced environment. Made of cotton fabric and very soft. It fits me well with extra room to breath, the tiny underarm vents is a plus because when you are really busy in the kitchen it keeps you cool all day. They have several colors to choose, from blue, green, red and lots more in different style. Another features i really like about a chef jacket is the detailing of the contrast piping, thought it is really neat. From now on i really feel great cooking in my kitchen like a master chef in the house! I am thinking to get the matching chef hat eventually. Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid or any compensation to give my honest opinion.


That was a nice uniform for a chef! You really look like one!

That is such a lovely uniform. You look like a chef and look at those lovely cakes you made. Ahhhhhmazing!!!! :)

you surely look like a real chef in that uniform. the only thing that is missing is the store you manage :D

I can see you competing in Chopped sis, you look good in it. Did you bake all those? Wow!

you look good in them! seems nice and comfy and perfect even for household cooking. you look like a pro chef in that outfit.

I honestly wish I learn how to bake. It's one of the top in my life list. And I dream I could make cookies or even cupcakes with daughter, sort of mommy-daughter bonding.

that is a lovely chef uniform. you look like a real chef..

i have always dream of becoming a chef , i guess i was not just born for it

Baking is one of my ultimate dreams, though I didn't dream of becoming a chef but I'm still dreaming of baking cookies and cupcakes with the little one.

The chef coat is lovely but is it comfortable to wear while cooking/baking?

You look like a real chef with the uniform. You make me drool with the cakes.

awww! Mommy Shela you look like a professional chef indeed and of course a beautiful chef too :-) the shirt looks great on you and look at those delish make me drool :-)

You really look like a pro chef sis. :) And you make cakes like a pro too.

That Chef's uniform fits you!Love your cakes!

cute uniform for the cook lover.. you look like a pro chef with this one.

The chef uniform looks good on you. I hope I'll have the chance to taste some of your recipes.