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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

How much does an ounce of silver cost? Why because I remember my mom used to collect coins before, certain coins which accordingly were made from silver. So we saved those coins and kept them in a box, but then the box was half-covered so we ended up sneaking in grab a few. Anyway, I wonder if mom still has those coins I mean it’s a big business here in the US and some people would spend much just to have those pieces of valuable silver. But it’s not like I’m planning to sell it, just curious you know!

Have you try these chilled pies from Edwards yet? Ohh my gosh! It is so bloody good! We had a family get together dinner with in-laws one weekend and i was asked to make some desserts. It supposed to be my cake, however i got lazy that day, lol. So, timely early that morning went to grocery shopping. On the freezer aisles saw these delectable creme pies, so inviting and mouth watering. Thought it would be good idea for our desserts at that night's dinner. We bought 3 boxes, my favorite was the Hershey's creme pie, meanwhile the kids and hubby wanted to try the cookies and creme pie. So we brought 2 of each kind and we left one box at home for us to enjoy the next time. Families loves it! It's been their favorites so it was good disguised i  didn't bake my delicious cake though, just for a change you know. Wink!

First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to Ruby et Violette for having me and my family try their delectable, not to mention lovely-looking cookies and treats. Geez it’s their so damn good, you’ll be asking for more! Okay so I was watching the travel channel and Ruby et Violette was featured amongst the 10 bodacious bakeshops in America. The famous Oprah Winfrey also got her say and according to her it’s transcendently luscious, just divine. Having seen that I was so excited and curious, I can only imagine how good it is. I was salivating while watching that show honestly, lol.

~ The GIVERNY gift box~

Tadah! After several days, I received a beautiful, ruby box with black ribbon from no less than Ruby et Violette. The packaging alone makes you go oh, lala! It looks a lot like cigar box with meticulous details, i definitely kept the box, it’s beautiful indeed but wait till you open it. Inside lies 12 mouth-watering cookies with 2 of each in different flavors- french vanilla, red velvet, peach cobbler, first kiss, German chocolate and mint chocolate chips cookies. Everything taste so good, my kids loved the mint one, while the hubby was crazy about peach cobbler and french vanilla! Of course i love them all, lol. The red velvet? yummy! The cream filling is so bloody good. They're perfectly moist and soft that the cookies should be!

Actually, you can choose which flavours you want included in the box and yep, brownies instead of cookies are available also, bet they taste like heaven too! Indulge yourself with treats as good as Ruby et Violettes goodies, you will love it! I'am glad i contacted them so whenever i crave some delectable cookies, surely i know where to get some. Wink!

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Gorgeous cake isn't it? I got inspired to revive my recipe of Mud cake that i used to bake on my parents wedding anniversary long time ago when i was like 21. Family loved it so much! So last Saturday i had to make some cake orders and i have some left over ingredients so i didn't waste a thing. I did a two layered chocolate with double flavored frosting a cream and ganache filling. Then the outside frosting was my specialty Oreo icing. Then for extra elaborated appeal, lol garnish it with fresh strawberries with loaded chocolate drizzled. It's really a muddy looking cake! Housemates had the best desserts that weekend.

Thinking to make another one on the baby shower that is approaching for my sister and bro in-law. i bet they would love my mud cake! Wink.

So I’m waiting for my sister to go online, I guess she’s still sleeping. I remember when we were younger, we have these weird sleeping habits. She can’t sleep without a piece of cloth on top of her eyes while me, I just can’t go to bed without my favorite piece of cloth covering my feet. Then my brother, he’d either fall asleep without any noise whatsoever or turn on the speakers as loud as it can get. Just weird! He even used to hunt for cheap electro-voice speakers at that time, and we just don’t get his point. Those were the days, oh yeah now I’m missing our childhood. Been viewing photos here and there with my old friends too.

Well, that's what people thought of the three mainly an ornamental tree for them! However, when i found this at the Hotel we drove in to yesterday i thought of making suman out the banana leaves! Timely i was craving for it, lol. This is a huge gigantic pot in front of the lobby just fascinated how it looks. I might get some of the trees for my house beside it look neat it would come in handy too for my suman making, you know! Lol.

There’s another addition to my kitchen tools and I have to say this new one is so cute and totally functional. Got my Cookie Pro from My healthy steps, now am sure my cookies will not just taste good but look good as well. It looks a lot like ice-cream scoop, which ensures that the cookie will be uniform in size, a perfect 28 gram dough ball. Scoop in then press out, there a soft spot on top where you can press it out smooth and steady. The other end of the tool is a spatula, you can use it of course to cut dough, decorate and yep, to release the baked cookies from the cookie sheet. Because it has a precise size, we can ensure to get the only the portions we want, like if we want our cookies smaller, something friendly to our diet, then we can have it.

Moms, gone are the days when cookies look like a piece of misshapen goodies, with the help of some baking tools particularly a cookie maker like mine, our old time favourite will surely have a new look, prettier and tastier look. My healthy steps allow me to host a giveaway anf you could own a freecookie pro™ shape maker. Open to United States.
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Since my cake hobby took off got orders from here and there i make sure my supplies are complete and standing by. From ingredients to packaging! I am really fortunate to have this online store that offers free shipping to all their baking products and such. At first, my experience in cake ordering was kinda challenging because i no where to be found the right cake containers i have to utilized my handmade one and it taking tolls to me and money! Next thing was i found the perfect cake saver stand in local store but then eventually they were out of stock! So i was really looking somewhere that i could save and get free shipping offer. I always go for free shipping deals that makes me save big time. So to make my story short, I am happy and very optimistic that my cake is ready anytime and i got my customer covered, lol. Thank to the store because they products reach my expectation!

Thinking of cakes and baby shoes are great gifts to give for the expectant parents to be. We are all looking forward to welcome our newly addition in the family, Her name is Megan! Sister in-law is due next month most probably last week of June. The aunts are all excited and secretly throwing her a baby shower party pretty soon. I offer to make her a pretty cake for the occasion. Have already planned in mind on what kind, I am torn between a pink zebra cake which is very pretty these days. The second option is a character cake. Will definitely finds out when we talk again with big sis. Another thing is, I've collected my gifts for the baby! I got this cute lil soft leather baby shoes and have suede soles inside with strawberry on it. Definitely for sure she'll love the pair of leather baby shoes for Sunday meeting to wear. It is really perfect for babies and toddlers. Time fly by really fast, that's why we are talking about this every now and then when, where and who are invited. This would be so much fun!  

A good business to have is where your passion belongs to. If you’re good in money matter, then Forex might be a good form of business for you to have. But if you’re good in cooking or baking, perhaps to be in food business would be best fit for you!

There are different kinds of businesses available. Hence, choosing for a particular field you would like to have wouldn’t be difficult. However, in terms of this… it is important to follow your heart. It would be a great idea if you would come up with a business which involves your passion.

Cooking for instance, if you’re good at this field surely the best business for you would be restaurants or such. Since food is highly recommended rather than other stuff, to be in food business is a great idea to have. You can even have your own mini restaurant or even cafĂ© where you could startup your own business.

But whatever field you are good at, what is important is that the interest and the will you have for business. Because if passion alone in a particular field is the only thing you’ve got, it’s not enough. Thus, passion and interest should be together in order to have a successful output.

How about you, what field do you think you are good at?

Taking care of our vegetable garden. We Got some tang-lad or lemon grass in English, eggplants, bell peppers, basil, rosemary, green beans, ampalaya (bitter melon), malunggay, cucumber and tomatoes. Having your own produce in your backyard is one important thing to have. Organic vegetable is safer because it is guaranteed without pesticides nor fertilizer. That's one reason why every year we have this mini garden bed with lots of vegetables of any kind. My parent in-law teach us well on how to save money in having an own garden at home. Another reason make us physically fit as well because maintaining one is not easy, however it is worth the effort. Can not wait for the harvest time! Wink.

When we talk about weddings, us girls are usually the most excited. We put too much emphasis on our bridal gown, cake, makeup, all that stuff. We may not realize it but we are often times the one in-charge of that one special event. Of course but come to think of it, one of the best things to consider has something to do with our man. I’m talking about mens wedding rings, I still remember how excited and overjoyed I was when me and the “then fiance" was still hunting for our perfect wedding rings. Wedding will always be one of the most beautiful day in a person’s life.

Best fried banana (TORON) I've ever have! Proven and tested because the husband hates banana that is fried however this one that I've made days ago for our evening dessert, he loved and enjoyed every bit of it! as well the kiddos, they devour theirs, lol. I called it American style toron, it something to do with the sauce also. It compliment the crunchy and flakiness of the spring roll with the taste of sweet banana inside. The sauce is to die for!

All you need for the ingredients are banana plantains, lumpia wrapper (spring roll shells), cooking oil, butter, dark brown sugar and Philly white chocolate cream cheese with a lil bit of water for the creamy and delectable sauce. That's what the toron even yummier! Try it so you know what i am saying about! Bet you and your family will love. Wink.

Enjoy cooking!