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First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to Ruby et Violette for having me and my family try their delectable, not to mention lovely-looking cookies and treats. Geez it’s their so damn good, you’ll be asking for more! Okay so I was watching the travel channel and Ruby et Violette was featured amongst the 10 bodacious bakeshops in America. The famous Oprah Winfrey also got her say and according to her it’s transcendently luscious, just divine. Having seen that I was so excited and curious, I can only imagine how good it is. I was salivating while watching that show honestly, lol.

~ The GIVERNY gift box~

Tadah! After several days, I received a beautiful, ruby box with black ribbon from no less than Ruby et Violette. The packaging alone makes you go oh, lala! It looks a lot like cigar box with meticulous details, i definitely kept the box, it’s beautiful indeed but wait till you open it. Inside lies 12 mouth-watering cookies with 2 of each in different flavors- french vanilla, red velvet, peach cobbler, first kiss, German chocolate and mint chocolate chips cookies. Everything taste so good, my kids loved the mint one, while the hubby was crazy about peach cobbler and french vanilla! Of course i love them all, lol. The red velvet? yummy! The cream filling is so bloody good. They're perfectly moist and soft that the cookies should be!

Actually, you can choose which flavours you want included in the box and yep, brownies instead of cookies are available also, bet they taste like heaven too! Indulge yourself with treats as good as Ruby et Violettes goodies, you will love it! I'am glad i contacted them so whenever i crave some delectable cookies, surely i know where to get some. Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.


Those really looks delicious. Lucky you!

Love the cookies! They look so delicious! Sometimes, you can tell if the food is good just by looking at it, right? And this one is just so devilishly good!

It must be that good because Oprah even recommended this cookie. I love the packaging though.

Those cookies really sounds delectable. The packaging is really classy how much more the taste of the product itself.

what a pretty little box.:) and the cookies looks even more delish!

now that's really fancy! I would love to try this mami...thanks for sharing!

WOW! the gift box looks great and those cookies looks delectable too ;)

That looks really delicious and so fancy with the box and how well it is wrapped. Thank you so much for sharing this one.

Cookiessssssssssssssssssssss those are my little girl's favorite and I bet it will not last in my counter
:-) I have not tried any of their product yet but looks like delish to munch :-)

looks really yummy to me.

Looks really yummy. I would like to try their product.