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It was my sister in-law's baby shower yesterday and i am the one delegated to make the baby shower cake. Of course, i did the best cake ever kidding aside! However though, i promised to the in-laws i will make a beautiful and delicious cake on that day. I was inspired by this cake since the theme invitation was a baby carriage with pink and green motif in it. I found a photo similar to this one on the net and we agreed the design. But, i really don't wanna be the copy cat, lol... so i did my own version of the carriage, with more touches and colors that includes edible pearls and ink jelly! Really put love on this one! The party was all ladies, and they all loved it because there was only 6 mini slices left, lol. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it and proud what I've accomplished and made families happy on that occasion! Wink. 


Congratulation to her baby shower party. I bet she's happy to have many baby stuff now. You did a great job in making her cake :)

you got some great skills sis. this looks cute!

wow cool baby shower cake! I have not seen one in here like that:)

that is a cool cake,

Congrats on your sisters new baby and the cake looks fab!

Nice theme for a cake. You're such really a talented mom. I hope I can make a cake for my daughter's birthday.

Mommy S, you are indeed a chef :-) I bet that cake is delish. I love the design too. I bet baby Meg is happy with all the stuff she received.

You did a good job mommy sheila! Yay, i wish you live closer because i want to order a cake from you heheee

Wow, that is an awesome cake! Good job! :) I bet it tasted awesome too! :)

What a masterpiece, mommy She! You sure outdid yourself and I love, love, love the cake. You are so awesome!

Wow sis! Ikaw na talaga! it's one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen! Swerte ng sis-in-law mo bec. she got you!