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When you love and enjoy cooking you got to be experimental and creative in your kitchen! That's why i am so excited when i recently found my new buddies, they surely make my cooking more tasty and lovable. Veri Peri premium sauces are very versatile when it comes to their uses. They are south Africa's most popular marinade best for grilling and BBQ! Family does a lot of cooking here and there, so I'm grateful for them to sent me their five (5) flavors to try the mild, hot, very hot which my husband really liked so much! Meanwhile, for me i love the garlic and lemon herbs. When i got them that day i directly went straight to my kitchen and timely I'm about to fix our dinner. 

So, what i love about their sauces? is because of the unique flavor on it, the golden hues that just melt in your mouth goodness. The texture is so delicate and creamy! I admit, i use the veri peri garlic and lemon herbs just that night as part of my cooking ingredients, lol! I cook bunch from rice, vegetables to grilling some ribs.  I learned they are made with the African bird's eye chili, considered the truffle of chilies, they are also gluten-free, dairy-free and low carb so you can use them as much as you wanted. You can also use it for condiment or dressing to your favorite salad. Not to mention, the aroma is so so delectable.

Stir-Fry Vegetables : 
a cup of shredded chicken meat
drizzle cooking oil for sauteing 
chop onion
chop garlic
half cup of shredded carrots
a cup of cut green beans
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp soy sauce
1 scrambled egg
1 tbsp of Veri Peri garlic

Grilled Beef Spare Ribs :
a slabs of beef ribs
dash of salt and pepper to taste
half bottle of Veri Peri Garlic 
quarter bottle of Veri Peri lemon herbs

Enjoy Cooking!

Kids enjoy it and we are stuffed. Their sauces appeal among ages, so even kids and people doesn't mind the spicy stuff, they can still enjoy the great flavors that VP has to offer. We definitely get some more soon. They are available at Amazon also at very affordable price of 4.99! You must try them and you will definitely ditching your old sauces. Wink!

Without further ado i would hosting a giveaway so one lucky readers could try them for FREE. Inviting US residents to enter to win all five (5) bottles of Veri Peri flavors. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion. SIMPLY FILIPINA is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. US residents only  


Those foods looks yummy. I bet those sauce kicked a notch to your food.

Your food looks delish mommy and I am so intrigued with those sauces. I am entering the giveaway :-)

how fun and looks yum too! I would love to try veri peri soon.:)

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I use sauce every time I cooked and that stir fry makes me hungry Mommy S :-) It adds flavor to our food as well too :-)

Looks so yummy, wanna try that..

oh! I love to get a hand at those sauces! This mom loves to cook..I wish they will be available in local groceries soon. :(. Good luck to all who joined (too bad I'm not qualified)

I don't know how to cook, but i like to eat :-). Anyway, the food looks yummy.

I envy women who can cook well as I'm not really good in the kitchen. I hope I can try that kind of sauce too. What you cooked looks so delish.

Looks fantastic! I bet it would be good in Adobo! Vicki F.

I would love to try their sauce :-) It looks delish and your food makes me hungry and drooling too :-)

Look so yummy mommy I will try to join make me hungry.