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A girl is said to be a masterpiece, beautiful in many ways. There's this something about women that makes her special, a true one of a kind. I think most of you would agree with me that all women is indeed pretty but that doesn't mean there's no need to enhance or improve ourselves. Nope, it's not about being vain but we of course need simple maintenance, I call them my tools to stay pretty and cute, lol! Let's talk about one of them, cosmetics. I don't have much of a collection actually but yes, I'm the kind of girl who likes to prettify herself with lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, blushes, etc. But you know what, it's been a while since I bought something for myself, usually I send it to the family back home in the Philippines. So this time I thought of looking for something new, a new shade of lipstick perhaps or blush. Let's see.

I choose to check out Tarte Cosmetics, a home to natural beauty and skin care products. One of my friend has been using this brand and encourage me to give it a try. Well accordingly, Tarte is a great cosmetic because the blush and shadows for instance stay with you all day long, like there's no need for touch-ups anymore. I'm actually looking for waterproof mascara, wow my first! I don't usually apply mascara so I'm excited to try Tarte's 'lights, camera, splashes 4-in-1 waterproof mascara.' What makes it nice is that you're getting the bombshell look with those long, curly lashes and yet not worrying too much because olive ester, which is one of its ingredients protect and treat your lashes.

I would definitely love to try Tarte Natural Cosmetics and prettify the Me! Now then, to be a woman means we have to keep up and do practical ways to improve ourselves but of course true beauty still and will always lie from within. Winks!