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We have warm temperature lately during the day however i feel like fixing soup the other night. Sotanghon soup is a very popular dish in my country. Since the better half wasn't feel that good that day i thought of fixing the comforting and delicious sotanghon soup so that he will get back to his own self, lol.

I was right! housemates enjoyed every spoonful of soup. I did my own version i called it My Dinangdang, because it's all in one pot of goodness concoction, you have your protein which is the chicken meat, some vegetables, the carbs which is the corn cobs. I incorporate the traditional soup and some stuff i had in my refrigerator. Recipe is so easy and ingredients are so basics. This soup base on the ingredients is healthy and very nutritious.


6-8 pieces of chicken drumstick
small pack sotanghon noodles
1 chicken bouillon
small slice ginger
chop garlic
chop onion
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp datu puti vinegar (this makes the soup even tastier)
2 tbsp vegetable oil
salt and pepper to taste
pinch of paprika
pinch of garlic salt
water (eyeball up to your desire)
5 corn cobs
strips green bell pepper
a handful of baby spinach

~The chef's portion~


In a pot, heat oil and toss the chicken let it braised for 10 minutes or until chicken is medium brown. Saute garlic and onion together with the soy sauce and vinegar. Continue braise for 5 minutes. Pour water and simmer till boil. Add garlic salt, paprika, chicken bouillon, ginger cover let it simmer until chicken are fully cooked. Then add corn cobs, simmer for 5 minutes. Add the remaining ingredient, bell pepper and carrots, then followed the sotanghon noodles lastly is the baby spinach, salt and pepper. Simmer for more minutes (just add water for soupy desired). Serve hot.

You don't need rice for this. It's all in one pot. I bake some biscuits for the side. It was delicious! Wink!