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Pets, we love them and make them part of our family. They stay with us, eat with us, live with us. But what happens when pets are not friendly anymore, in fact they’re becoming a danger and hazard to our health? Well, I’m talking about the unwanted pets that can be lurking inside our homes or buildings such as termites, rats, roaches, fleas, silverfish, etc. It is important to get rid of them and keep our homes and surroundings safe and a healthy haven especially for our kids.

The first thing to do is prevention, it is I think included with the construction plan before building let’s say a house. Then of course the maintenance, it matters a lot when we make sure our house is clean, tidy and free from clutters. But what if your house is infested with pests already? Measures should be taken and if necessary, pest control services should be hired. After all these are the people that does the job of exterminating pest in a safe and effective way.

Actually, I should share this article to my sister because the last time we chat, she informed me about the rats that’s invading her place right now. Good thing she doesn't freak out that much or the neighbors will hear her scream quite often.

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