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I just can’t help it, my affair with anything red has gone ever more deeper and stronger with the passing of time. I started out with personal items like shoes and purses but then slowly, I was becoming obsessed as long as it’s red. From the sofa to the dining set, carpets and rugs, pillow cases to counter tops. My friends and family has been very supportive as well. Every now and then they would surprise me with something red like my favorite high heel glass bottle that was given by the bro-in-law. Well I think most of us has this fancy over colors, those that as we lay our eyes on would give us bliss.

In connection with that, I am all smiles since I have the new Red Zen Tea Set from and all I can say is that she is so lovely! It’s made of ceramic with a red and black Zen design, the perfect tea companion for a lazy afternoon or after a good sumptuous dinner. Just like we sis with my adorable daughter, she and I's had our mommy and baby first ever tea party! In my wonderful surprised she loves the teas i made. They sent me assorted tea canisters too to try! And we loved it because family enjoying tea so much! One of husband's collection also, well TEA is good for us health wise! So moving on, to be honest though, I think I will just put her (my new tea set) in the china cabinet most likely and just be amazed with her beauty. I so love thee because I love red and tea, now that’s a rhyme baby!  lol.

Anyway just like me, feel free to check out the webstore and enjoy your next cup of tea with beautiful pieces of their tea sets. I tell you they have the widest selection of stuff! Name it, they have it, from tea sets, teapots,   teacups, (they're all so dainty) to tea sampler with lots of variety to choose from and so much more! .

Furthermore, I am hosting a giveaway for you to try their amazing products. A winner will get the chance to avail free of the smart tea maker plus one small canister of tea. Giveaway start July 9th and ends August 8th. Inviting all US readers to participates! Click the link for the giveaway details

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion. SIMPLY FILIPINA is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. US residents only


I really love their tea sets, if given the chance I will pick the cherry blossom design and I want to try their tea :)

Oh I love the color of your tea set. I would enter and hope to win hehehe.

Oh I love the color of your tea set. I would enter and hope to win hehehe.

A friend gave me a tea set on my wedding. They are just ordinary unlike yours which have a nice color.

That is such a lovely tea set, only I am not a tea drinker. But that would be perfect for my husband who loves tea.

if only I"m in US I would definitely join this giveaway...I'm also a tea- lover and having a tea sets in red set me in mood to always have tea time! For me RED is sexy...I chose red on special occasions:)

Tea time! I love RED color too. Your tea set is so cute.

I don't really like tea, I'm more of a coffee person, but I do enjoy some tea, especially if they are fragrant or mint infused. :D

This tea set is beautiful!

What a beautiful tea set! I love collecting these sets, and this is the first one I have seen in awhile that really catches my eye! Love the bright color!

What a gorgeous tea set - the colour is beautiful! I'm off to have a nose at the other ones they do :) x

they are such an amazing company with a great variety of items! I have the same set and LOVE it!