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The good thing about the Internet is that it can take you to places in a snap! Of course nothing can beat the real thing but pictures and descriptive words are enough to make you feel that somehow you've been there. Random thinking over here, I thought of New Hampshire. The place reminds me of Beauty Queens, I can honestly say I've watched a lot of movies about beauty pageants and New Hampshire has always been included in the list of winners. A home to beautiful people it is no doubt home to beautiful attractions as well. So yes, why not lurk around and see what they've got!

New Hampshire has a lot to offer, a haven to some of the world’s beautiful attractions from lakes to beaches, waterfalls, mountains and woods, sea coast, etc. If you’re the type who’s into diverse adventure, it is the place to be. You can also experience cross-country skiing in winter and not to mention their world-class golf courses. Amongst the many things, what caught my eye is the Sky Venture, a wind tunnel something in Nashua. It is something out of this world wherein you can experience how it is to actually sky dive without jumping off the plane! How cool is that? According to visitors of the place, it is the kind of adventure that should be included in your bucket list.

I’m sure the place has so much more to offer to visitors from around the world. Now I’m actually looking for nice yet affordable new hampshire hotels, cause that’s the first thing you would want to consider when you’re on a vacation right? Who knows someday, day dreaming once again. Such as 5 star hotels with breakfast in bed, over looking views! Ahhhh, just nice to think about!