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Ok, back in June I received some good treats from the generous cookie man, Mr. Bart Smith, the founder of He's been making it for over 20 years, and I tell you it is one of best cookies I've ever eaten. Bart is known for his world famous chocolate chips cookies, because .. do you know why? They are baked fresh daily as you order! How good is that? There are no added preservatives whatsoever. When you place your order, if not that day, they are baked for you immediately, and shipped the same day. Talk about getting cookies shipped to you as fresh as can be.

I must admit I am a cookie lover! And Bart's cookies are addicting for me, and my family. We had two kinds of cookies sent to us: (1) the white chocolate chip cookies and (2) milk chocolate chip cookies. Both were delicious! My kids devoured half of them and I ate the rest, LOL. The white chocolate chips are my favorite flavor of all time and they have what I want for a cookie. Because, unlike others out there, these are not flat! Bart's cookies are thick and just right to enjoy every bite. Soft inside, and a 'lil crunchy on the outside! Right now, I am craving some of Bart's cookies, and I'm so glad I found I checked out his site to see what flavors he bakes besides my favorite one! (Wink) 

So, if you are looking for freshly baked (and gluten free) chocolate chip cookie delights, then, check out!

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Love cookies! my family have sweet tooth! LOL

This is the kind of treat that my son can't resist.

I'm a cookie lover too! I'm sure I'll love those Bart cookies also.

I love cookies but I seldom eat it because I find them too sweet.

Looks like delish cookies. My daughter will surely love to have this as her snack in school.