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 ~Lemon Cake~

~Chocolate Oreo Cakes~

Had fun baking and decorating my lovely cakes as seen on photos. I got few (suki) wanted to have my specialty cakes so even though i am quite hectic nowadays, I didn't refuse to make their favorites! The very in-demand cakes i have here are my Oreo flavors. They love love it and i know it's good, lol. The frosting that i made with my own secret recipe what made it bloody delicious. Super creamy, velvety texture and not so sweet that all you can taste is the sugary icing! Of course the super moist cake inside compliment each other.

The other specialty cake i did this week is the lemon cake with lemon curd concoction filling. Well, I am always enjoying whenever i do my hobby which baking even though i squeezed them in on my busy schedule! Now time to send this lemon cake over the girls. Wink!


Wow!! cake overload!! yumminess