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Whoa! That's exactly our reaction when the pizza delivered to our table, lol. It was humongous large size house special pizza! Literally my lil man lighted up his face and his big round eyes because he and his sister love pizzas so much. Freshly made pizzas are of course the best one to eat unlike the others I've known (no name names). We can tell the difference between fresh and frozen. Probably this is one of the best pizza we ever ate so far. It's made of mix with pepperonis, mushrooms, Italian sausage, green bell peppers, caramelized onion with the mozzarella cheese and the thick crust dough that fresh made daily. The crust just deliciously crunchy from the outside yet soft in the inside! It smells terrific too!
We enjoy our dined in at Nino's Italian place. This was our first time to try their pizza specials because normally we just get the individual slices for kids and we orders our own preferred menus. I typically order the pasta with fried seafood on the side meanwhile the husband is his favorite plates which several of them.

Anyway, Check out your local Nino's Italian Food restaurant and won't miss to try them out. Wink.