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More and more people around the world chose to go organics or simply living the healthy kind of way. Avoiding foods that are high in fat, carbs, sugar and opting to the natural ones, no preservatives, less caffeine, and stuff like that. I must say in my not so distance past, I never really like vegetables and fruits a lot, oh well look now! I can’t go on a day without my meal of pure fruits and my glass of smoothie. We always make sure to keep a supply on our fridge but then come to think of it, will they remain as fresh as they’re supposed to be? I mean putting them in the fridge doesn’t keep them fresh for a long time!


So what can we do? There’s a great innovation called Bluapple® and they say if you love fruits and vegetables, then you’ll love it twice as much! How does Blue Apple works?

I am glad i have known this lil friend here! I have a Vegetable garden and i tell you they sprouts like crazy! I couldn't imagine if Bluapple® isn't present in my fridge, sure my harvested produce lasted longer than we anticipated compare it before without the bluapple. I got 2 sample pack, i kept the one and the other one i shared it to my mom in-law which is since then she also like it because she's worst than me in gardening, lol. Thank you for your product! Wink!

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You have a very nice garden and lots of fresh produce too,. I love that bluapple, I still use mine.

This is very useful especially for those consumers who buy fresh produce a lot, it will keep their produce last longer.

I heard so many positive reviews about the products. It really amaze me on how to prolong the freshness of fruits and vegies.

interesting, i think i really need to have this one because our veggies sometimes ends up in the trash can

I love all those fresh vegetables! I wish we have this product here as well so nothing will go to waste anymore.

I wish this product is available here in the Philippines as well. I would love to have one.