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Just wanted to share this very important article, everyone must read:

Some molds, such as those in blue cheese, are safe to eat. But others can be dangerous, especially to people who are in frail health, warns the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. The molds on bread and grain products are among the most toxic. Often the visible mold has rootlike threads that penetrate the food. Moreover, the toxins produced by mold cannot be destroyed by cooking. The Wellness Letter recommends:

 ▪ Refrigerate produce if possible, and use it before mold grows.

 ▪ Throw out small fruits, such as berries or grapes, that are moldy. Wash fruit only when you are ready to eat it, as moisture promotes mold.

 ▪ Small moldy areas of large, hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples, potatoes, cauliflower, or onions, may be safely cut out. Moldy soft fruits, such as peaches and melons, should be discarded.

 ▪ Moldy hard cheese may be partially salvaged by cutting away the outer part at least an inch [2—3 cm] away from the mold. But throw out moldy soft cheese and yogurt, along with moldy bread, meat, leftovers, nuts, peanut butter, syrups, and preserves.

Source: Awake


Thank you for the information. yes, I am well aware of the molds and how dangerous it can be. It is scary!

We should take care of what we prepare especially in food. We must know if we can still use it or not. Much better, don't stock too much because they may just end up in the trash and waste money and food.

Thanks for this info sis, mold is a dangerous thing.

I act the same. If I am in doubt, I throw it out!

There are good bacteria and there are bad ones. But to be safe, we have to get rid of moldy foods.

I also throw out any moldy food. Once I even threw away the container it was in because I feared the mold would be in the canister as well.

Great info. I don't think i will eat anything that has molds on it even if it's safe hehehehe. Better to be safe than sorry you know.

this is kind of true, so often people forget to clean up the mess in their fridge thus making things worse by getting themselves in the hospital! Thanks for reminding us, I guess I need to remind my mom now heehee.

FIFO. check the expiration date. follow the first in, first out rule if unsure...

I like this mantra! I do throw out those food that have been either too long in the fridge or those that have spots I'm not familiar with.