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Okay so today I feel like reading health articles and as a random pick, I came across cigarette smoking and its alternative electronic cigarette or what is known as e cigarette. Sort of reminds me of my old friend during one of our conversations. I haven’t seen one I told her but she and a couple more college friends are using e cigarette as their preferred way to smoke. They actually started back in college, when the peer pressure was strong, and they wanted to make a statement, to be someone. Stress is another thing, they say smoking calms them somehow, like they have to take a cigarette break to relax. That’s when the love and hate relationship between them and smoking begun. They love it in the sense that they’re addicted to it but hate it as well knowing it’s dangerous to the health. But anyway, they still do smoke and one of them is my friend whom I chatted recently.

Many studies and researched have been conducted to verify its safety and effectiveness. Also it is more sanitary to use because the device is refillable and rechargeable which makes it more pocket-friendly, users can just refill whichever variant they want, whenever, wherever. Accordingly, it also comes in many flavors, chocolates, blueberry and apple are just some of her favorites. And the catch is, some e cigarettes don’t include nicotine and those dangerous substances so it makes tobacco consumption lesser. Reports shows that it is most popular in Western Europe are now accepted worldwide. Well I bet she had her first experience with e cigarette from one of her trips in Europe, she worked for a cruise ship back then. That girl gets her stuff through online, since it’s more convenient and relatively cheap. She buys them in bulk so as to cut cost. Well she seems to be very happy about it. But actually she also mentioned about her goal to smokes in moderation. I’m just glad that after all these years of not being in contact with her, we can still be open about so many things even those serious stuff like her old habit.


smoking is really a hard habit to break :(

it might be difficult to stop from smoking especially if one is doing it for a long time, but just thinking of one's health and all those around him ought to do the trick.

I volunteer at my kids school every Wednesday and one of the volunteer Moms there too is a doctor. She told us that ecig has as bad side effect as well.

I really hate the smoke, it gives headache and my sinusitis gets worst whenever i smell smokes.