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I have often talked about how I lose weight in my previous post but nothing so detailed and honest. I am somehow hesitant because I know exactly how it feels to be on the other side. Like all those stories about successful weight loss are just stories, easier said than done. I have read a lot of how to’s before and try to strictly follow it but nothing seemed to work. Well that was actually the wrong there, I strictly followed, not considering the fact that something that works for the other may not work for some. So I reached almost size 14 and then came the turning point. I wasn’t happy already and realized I have to work for it. When you’re in a battle, you need to be armed and that’s what I did. I read all the how to’s again, grab as much healthy magazines, and underlined the things I believed would work.

I’ll share some of those that really helped me shed off those extra pounds. First, water therapy. Drinking 2 full glasses of water in the morning before anything jump starts everything. When you drink water in an empty stomach, it increases your metabolism and also makes you feel full the rest of the day. In addition, don’t drink water right away after a meal. Wait for 30 mins before drinking, if you want you can squeeze out lemon as well.

Cut the sugar. I love desserts I managed to lay-low. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy sugary treats anymore, believe me, I still bake a lot. The secret is to share your portion. When you can’t help but to grab that super moist chocolate cake, slice and share the other half.

Exercise. You don’t have to be on the gym and follow those strict routines. Exercise means to move as much as you can. Since I’m a full time mom and don’t have much time to work out, I opted for gardening and mowing, those I consider my exercise, not just fun but therapeutic as well.

If you want to try food supplements, there’s nothing wrong with that. I did too but you gotta make sure it’s safe. Don’t expect it to be so effective that it brings about miracles. My point is if it’s safe then it’s worth the try. Like TRIMSPA diet pills and TRIMSPA diet supplement, a good friend recommended it to me so I wasn’t scared to try it. It’s the combination of all the steps I mentioned that made me lose weight. Hey but I’m far from skinny. Just that I’m very much happy and satisfied with my size now that I became a fashion blogger. (Big Grin) Who would have thought? LOL!