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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Last weekend i got a pretty great deals on groceries at my favorite store PUBLIX supermarket. I most likely doing my grocery shopping at them because i absolutely loved their store wide ads offer on weekly basis to their customers. The BOGO are extremely helpful, double the coupon and so much more. One thing i was very excited about last Saturday, was about the Turkey deals offer! They're having the .79 a pound of whole turkey, it's like you can get them for $8 to $12 + something. And i am talking about huge sizes of whole turkey meat! 

So, if you haven't check Publix yet, might as well go get some for you while supplies last! I am sure there are still available this week. By the way, I grabbed 2 that morning and came back at night grabbed 3 more for us it will last until spring or early summer of next year, just stocked them at the freezer, it won't get bad at all. Wink!

Browsing randomly through different online shops, I bumped into egnater amp at Musicians Friend. Geez I almost forgot, my sister had me search for a cheap but nice amplifier for dad’s office. They recently opened one in the Philippines and knowing that I’ll send some goods soon, they want me to include amplifier or stuff for the sound system because accordingly they need it for presentations. It will be quite heavy and will occupy a lot of space in the box, not going to be practical if we grab one straight from here. But might as well do some research to find a good deal.

Got this at a consignment store here in our locale, at The our place furniture store. When i saw this on her facebook page that night i told myself i must have them! So the next day the husband timely drove over there for his furniture delivery and so then i went with him to get this gorgeous tea pot sets. I likey because it's unique! It's a tiger-ish color with plants and vegetable patterns on it. The cups and saucers are so cute! They're looking great and almost brand new! For a $20 price you can't beat the deal! Love the look on my kitchen counter top right at the very corner. Wink! 

I got a new little black dress from a generous friend and I thought it would be a nice outfit this coming Sunday for the worship meeting. Since it is plain black I want to accessories it with a bright bangle. I don’t have one, lol! But then found them at, a nice collection of sequin bangles in bright and lovely colors. I’m really not a bangle girl and I’m wondering myself why the sudden liking. Anyway this is still not final yet, I hope the thoughts of it go away, I’ll wait for a couple of days more, otherwise.