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Last weekend i got a pretty great deals on groceries at my favorite store PUBLIX supermarket. I most likely doing my grocery shopping at them because i absolutely loved their store wide ads offer on weekly basis to their customers. The BOGO are extremely helpful, double the coupon and so much more. One thing i was very excited about last Saturday, was about the Turkey deals offer! They're having the .79 a pound of whole turkey, it's like you can get them for $8 to $12 + something. And i am talking about huge sizes of whole turkey meat! 

So, if you haven't check Publix yet, might as well go get some for you while supplies last! I am sure there are still available this week. By the way, I grabbed 2 that morning and came back at night grabbed 3 more for us it will last until spring or early summer of next year, just stocked them at the freezer, it won't get bad at all. Wink!