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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

I must admit, there was a time when I really don’t care much about what we eat. I was never the health conscious type, although growing up my parents put high emphasize on vegetables and fruits, drinking a lot of water and 8 hours of sleep. Yes, I took diet and exercise for granted. Did you imagine living here in the States where fast food is the comfort food and everything is instant and digital? It’s quite alarming indeed. So the husband and I decided to make a constant effort of staying fit and healthy. I used to dislike veggies but now I crave for them. And fruits, we can’t let a day pass without having or dose of mixed fruit smoothies. We’re making it a goal to teach the kids a lifestyle that’s healthy and active.

One of the things I’m thankful for are protein bars, yes they really are awesome. I have my favourites, lately it’s ProBar. From the name itself, ProBar provides healthy and delicious meal, packed in a handy bar. I really like PROBAR Meal™ Variety 12-Pack, it’s mixed of fruits, nuts and seeds that’s perfect for a satisfying meal replacement plus it’s good for digestion. It gives us energy and and nourishment also, especially when you are on the go, like what we did two weeks ago had to go to Tennessee for a week so timely i had plenty of goodies from them, thanks to the company of sending me more than enough of stocks for my pantry! I grabbed several variety to brought with me and husband while we're on the roads. Very convenient for both of us, we save our time to not stopping every now and then to get some food.

Another thing we love is the PROBAR BOLT™ variety pack, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can indulge without feeling the guilt. This one is very chewy and just the right flavor of fruits combine. If you are a brownie lover? you must try their PROBAR CORE™ too! Being healthy is a practice, it takes effort and discipline but it will never fail to do us and our family good. So indulge your self in a healthy way.

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People bond when they eat. Friends get to catch up with each other’s lives, family members get to share meaningful stories on meal times, and even foes will somehow forget their strife, if only they share one hearty meal together. It’s the beauty of food and cooking that makes everyone happy if they put their hearts in it. I personally value cooking and I’m proud to say that I’m the queen in my humble kitchen. I’m more honoured to have seen many faces smile after trying my dishes, cakes and more. I have this long time dream of becoming a chef, but then I came to realized, who needs a diploma to actually become one?

In fact I only need my very own chef coat from ChefUniforms by Uniform Advantage, and yep, it made me feel like a real master chef! It’s actually a childish thing, I mean, I feel like I’m one of those contenders in one cooking show. Silly as it may sound but I feel like I’m the host in my own cooking show program, lol! When you’re inspired to cook, whatever dish you prepare, from simple meals to tempting desserts, from snacks to steaks, as long as it’s filled with love match with the perfect get-up, you’re indeed a chef, in your own special way. Those are some of my baking moments, i do cakes and pastries in my spare time. I am even more excited now because of the chef jacket I've received from the generous UA. What i love about the Women's Imperial Chef Coat with Contrast Piping  is that very comfortable to wear when you're in a fast-paced environment. Made of cotton fabric and very soft. It fits me well with extra room to breath, the tiny underarm vents is a plus because when you are really busy in the kitchen it keeps you cool all day. They have several colors to choose, from blue, green, red and lots more in different style. Another features i really like about a chef jacket is the detailing of the contrast piping, thought it is really neat. From now on i really feel great cooking in my kitchen like a master chef in the house! I am thinking to get the matching chef hat eventually. Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid or any compensation to give my honest opinion.

We just came back 2 days ago from Tennessee trip with my husband and kids. I am glad i was able to see my friends up there. We're so hectically busy on the time frame we've stayed there despite though i was able to baked a cake for a friend of mine. Sadly, when i lived in Tennessee never came to my mind to bake and sell goodies until we moved to Florida! When my friend found out i do this stuff now, she wanted me to make one for her, we both love cooking and stuff. So i made her my version of Black Forest with a twist of Oreo on it! She loved it and her family, everyone enjoyed and i am so happy with that! Next time we thought of making the mango cake for her to try for sure she will love it as much my parent in-laws loved theirs. Twas my first mango cake experienced and it was perfectly delicious. Wink!

After our week visit in TN, we are home at last. Thought it will only be just a couple of days but the husband got lots of handyman work to finish in the house. We did some painting in the rooms, changed knobs, bought extra weld nuts, some spares for the kitchen, etc. It was a tiring week for all of us but definitely worth it. The best part, we were able to see some good friends as well especially our beloved Mama Jean who recently had a mild stroke. We are so glad she recovered and it feels good to give her a hug. Aww!

That was the name of the restaurant we drove up to grabbed our late lunch today while heading to go back home to Florida. Pancitan ATBP Restaurant is indeed authentic Filipino dishes. They're located at Beach blvd, Jacksonville, FL. Thank goodness, the hubs drove me to get there. Although it's kind farther a ways than our main route. I called ahead of time to order a carry out. been craving for sisig in a long time so i had it and twas deliciously delish. I recommended him the oxtail kare-kare in extra spicy of course with sides of rice. Grabbed some ube haliya and cassava cake for my dessert, it is absolutely good. More so the pork lumpia with the sauce. I must say, this restaurant must be visited while you are on Jacksonville or close by area. They have wide selection of pinoy cuisine that you can think of. You will be happy! Wink!

Kiss the Cook Event 
Organized by: Mom Powered Media 
Prize: Rachael Ray Cookware Prize Package 
Event dates: 6/3 - 6/24 

Before heading on to TN this Sunday, we received sad news about a dearly beloved friend who’s now in the hospital. She had a mild stroke and accordingly, her left arm was affected. We need to be there for her! We feel so sad and pray for her fast recovery. I’m actually browsing a printing shop website right now because I feel like getting all the pictures printed and put some beside her bed. This makes all of us sad right now. But we trust she’ll be fine like never before, knowing the tough person she is. Can’t wait to be there for her!

Last week i had the mode of baking breads! Since I have some orders to make i went ahead bake more varieties. Coconut bread is the popular lately, my costumer loves it so much! They just love the texture and the not so sweet taste of the coconut filling. A typical coconut filling is mix with desiccated coconut, water, brown sugar and vanilla extract, well my version is i put  a secret ingredient so it would be more creamy and moist. Same thing in my other breads, i have added one or two secret ingredient for a twist of extra flavor, lol. I just love experimenting and engaging food since then.

Cheese bread also are so delicious, the smell of yeast and cheese is a perfect combination! My favorite when i was a kid until now. It is the sisterhood of salted bread however you stuffed them with cheese, they are soft and really good when still hot! Meanwhile, monay and star bread are kinda pound bread they are harder and bulky inside when you eat them it is really fulfilling. They're great with butter or just bread alone and deep it in hot coco or coffee! Delicious. 

The Italian stuffed bread was my experiment again. I had 4 cans of pre-made biscuits, pepperoni and white cheese. Kids love their pizzas so what i did was i stuffed the biscuits with the pepperoni and cheese then sealed them like you are making a siopao, twist the top of the biscuits. Spray the round cake pan and place everything carefully. Brush with egg wash then sprinkle them with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese on top. Bake to 350 degree for 20 minutes or until the top are golden browns. I tell you they taste like mini pizzas. 

So, that's about it! I am always a busy mommy to two adorable and jolly kiddos! LOL. Got to feed them you know, and the house was smelling like you are in a Panaderia, haha! Wink!

My sister, I think she’s my special kind of double. We are totally different but so much alike. When it comes to food, fashion, movies, anything, we conflict but we end up with one thing that both of us agree. For example, I love dark chocolates, she hates it, she wants it white, milky, and creamy. I know she’ll hate me for making this entry but yeah, she better not!

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Okay, let me tell you why. I recently got goodies from ‘The ProteinBakery,’ their brownies and cookies in particular. When it comes to these two, I’d go for cookies while sissy drools over on brownies. But unlike other cookie vs brownie battle we had before, these goodies from The ProteinBakery will make us taste nothing but goodness! My favourite is their peanut butter white chip cookies, it has a rich, buttery taste steeped in creamy peanut butter and white choco chips. I honestly can't get enough of it! It is so dang good, lol. As for the brownies, (read sissy) it’s simply delectable! It has the perfect blend of both white and dark chocolates that lingers in your taste buds, you’ll be craving for more. The nice thing about The Protein Bakery you know what? Their brownies, cookies, blondies, etc are high in muscle-protein building ingredients, gluten-free, 100% trans-fat free and wheat flour free. Yes, they are oh so delicious without the guilt. You can indulge anytime you want! You better not hate me sis for making you drool again, cause I’m definitely sending some...soon. Winks!

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Fishball is one popular finger food in the Philippines. I misses them so may times in the US. Famous location of fishball vendors are in schools, we have the so called street food corner at the downtown of my hometown and you get to roam around with all those delicious and so inviting Filipino food you could ever ask! During summer time also reminds me and my sister sells fishball in my uncle's front yard house. Cost it one PH peso way back, lol. Neighbors of all ages buys us everyday until summer time is over. Sure those old times was fun and we have to earned extra money you know. So this is our family's recipe, my mom originally made this recipe and she passes it to us. I'm just glad i know the best fishball recipe to cook along with the sweet and sour homemade sauce that mom make as well. 

Here is the simple yet taste like home pinoy fishball you could try:


1 cup chop fresh fish or left over fried tuna or galungung (you can buy Tuna fillet at publix) 
2 eggs
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp paprika powder
1/4 cup grind carrots
chop green onions

Mix altogether then make bola bola shapes. Fry it in the skillet until brown. Repeatedly.

For the sauce:

2 cups water, a tbsp datu puti, a tsp soysauce, a tbsp ketchup, a tbsp asian chilli sauce, a tbsp brown sugar and a tbsp white sugar, 1 tbsp cornstarch, chop onion, chop 3 cloves garlic, 1tsp oil for gisa sa panakut :). That's all simmer until sauce thicken. (depends on how u want the sweet and sour taste)

Enjoy cooking!

I recently came across an article about food that heals and if we truly want to be healthy, we have to be mindful of what we eat. I must admit, was never the health conscious type when I was younger, I eat anything edible but then when you age and especially when you have a family of your own, things like health and food becomes important. So now, when out in the grocery store, I make it a point to read the labels, yeah, it’s not that boring anymore, lol! Another thing, when browsing the net, of course you’ll get to discover products and if you find one you think is worth the try, then you go get it!

For example, my newest find is Crunchmaster Multi grain crackers and snack. My favorite is the rice cracker oven baked as well the multi-seed roasted garlic flavored. The kids loves crackers with cheese so every now and then I got to introduce something new to their taste buds. So far, Cruchmaster passed their taste, in fact they just love the crunchiness and crisps. The best part, this is the kind of snack you want your kids to munch because it’s healthy, gluten and cholesterol free, low in sodium and 0 trans fat, who wouldn’t want that? Yay, we’ve got a handful, thank you so much. Tossed some to the in-laws as well and sure thing they loved it! Since then they keep buying a pack or so in the grocery store! Walmarts, Publix, Wholefoods and more has these healthy and delicious thingy over here! Wink!

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Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.