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Every time I hear the line above, I think of the rasta colors- red, yellow and green and the feeling of elevation, like indeed- “Every lil thing’s gonna be alright!” Then I think of the happy, Jamaican spirit which reflects very well in those famous Reggae songs. I think of the warm melodies and fun colors, instruments like guitars, Djembe, and yes cajon drum at musicians friend, lol! Now I’m feeling the groove! Might as well sit back and relax while I listen to the good-old classics. Oh and yes, makes me think of the coastline and all the fun things to do there, winks!

It was my first time to step inside on an Italian Bakeshop. Actually they sell all kinds of authentic Italian delicacies, pastas, sandwiches and more to mention. Main thing i noticed outside the glass wall are these cute cookies. They have quite a number of assorted cookies in the front aisle and i told my self I've got to check them out. So after we had our lunch on the next  door of this bakeshop, hubby took kids in the car meanwhile i detoured myself to see what's inside. I was excited just because i love cookies and such, lol. I had the sweetest time picking and pointing cookies to put on my cookie box. Ordered a pound of assorted cookies from ITALIA! Wink. 

Bound to food shopping at Publix shortly. Sunday is our adventure going to grocery to get some stuff for the week. Usually we done it this day or Saturday but most typically yours truly get lazy on the weekend and the last moment before the week started again. Always make sure the lists is check before hand, so in that way i know what to grab and where to go. Fruits, vegetables, meats, rice, bread, condiments and kids snacks are my priority. I only shop for food once a week, for me is the most convenient thing to do since i really don't like going on the weekdays because it's too busy in the store.

Have you ever try to season your fruit salad with salt? I am avoiding sweets and sugary stuff since i started my diet plan back last January of 2013. Since then i am more into healthier stuff. As you all know i am into smoothies as well, most of my morning starter. I use my NutriBullet helper to fix my family and I a healthy breakfast. Using our favorite fruits and mix them with green leafy vegetables like spinach, cucumber, arugula and more.

Anyway, I was letting my self pig out on the weekend sometimes, lol. So i make sure to back it up with fruits during weekdays which is most likely my schedules are busy! So these are my lunch salted fruit salad. I slice and mix assorted berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, then toast some grapes, some watermelon slices and of course oranges. Then dash of salt here and there plus a squeezed of fresh orange too! Delish and very refreshing! Try it, you will definitely love it! Wink!

You need:

6-7 pieces strawberry
a handful of blueberries
a handful of raspberries
a handful of grapes
1 cup watermelon slice
1-2 big oranges


In a deep serving dish, Slice the fruits that needs to be cut. Then toast them altogether, stir and season it with salt to taste. Squeezed one fresh orange and stir. Serve cool.


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Just had our Mexican lunch, i was stuffed! Been craving for chips and salsa in a while now. Last time i had their food was a month or so ago so imagined how much i want to eat their stuff, huh! Usually order the cheesy chicken back we were up Tn however, they don't have it here so i go to the alternative one the famous taco salad. I love Mexican food ever since my husband introduced it to me since then i crave those yummy food! Thanks babe for nice lunch!

We are Getting ready for back to school lists for our son. First, i must make sure everything is ready for my student. Since he is online schooling we need to get him new keyboard for his computer that daddy just re programmed it. Another keyboard is for his music subject. Teacher as per advice to find some good deals of portable & arranger keyboards at WWBW for him to use during class connection. Anyway, we are are getting anxious and excited, couldn't believed time fly by so fast, now he is a first grader already!

It was a lazy day feeling today and all i can think of was just to eat! I craved burgers today and i just don't know why! So asked the husband to take us at Steak 'n Shake famous for steakburgers around. I just love their burgers compare to other burger place in town. It's like fresh and tasty in my own opinion. Just melts in your mouth kinda thing! I usually order the GRILLED PORTOBELLO ’N SWISS - A Double Steakburger with fresh Portobello mushrooms, seasoned on our fiery hot grill and topped with melted Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and garlic mayo. It served along with their skinny french fries the salt and vinegar flavor is my favorite one.

These two are the main reason why i go back to the restaurant. They have all kinds of flavored shakes and you can create your own shake as well. Another reason i love about them is their vinegary pepper sauce! I am addicted to it, lol. It's a lil bit spicy and tangy with a lot of kick on it, just a splash or two to your steakburger before every bite, yum! You must try them for your self! Were stuffed and had fun dinner tonight at Steak 'n Shake. Wink!

The good thing about the Internet is that it can take you to places in a snap! Of course nothing can beat the real thing but pictures and descriptive words are enough to make you feel that somehow you've been there. Random thinking over here, I thought of New Hampshire. The place reminds me of Beauty Queens, I can honestly say I've watched a lot of movies about beauty pageants and New Hampshire has always been included in the list of winners. A home to beautiful people it is no doubt home to beautiful attractions as well. So yes, why not lurk around and see what they've got!

New Hampshire has a lot to offer, a haven to some of the world’s beautiful attractions from lakes to beaches, waterfalls, mountains and woods, sea coast, etc. If you’re the type who’s into diverse adventure, it is the place to be. You can also experience cross-country skiing in winter and not to mention their world-class golf courses. Amongst the many things, what caught my eye is the Sky Venture, a wind tunnel something in Nashua. It is something out of this world wherein you can experience how it is to actually sky dive without jumping off the plane! How cool is that? According to visitors of the place, it is the kind of adventure that should be included in your bucket list.

I’m sure the place has so much more to offer to visitors from around the world. Now I’m actually looking for nice yet affordable new hampshire hotels, cause that’s the first thing you would want to consider when you’re on a vacation right? Who knows someday, day dreaming once again. Such as 5 star hotels with breakfast in bed, over looking views! Ahhhh, just nice to think about!

We love love adobo, it's either chicken nor pork or tuna fish! Adobo is always number one best dish in Filipinos, no doubt of that. Since i cook the dish often i thought beef would be great alternative instead of the typical meats we most likely use. I was right! Beef adobo is as good as the others! Actually, i like it a lot! 

If you haven't try using beef for adobo, well you should cook some soon!

Just follow the typical recipe of adobo then the rest are just add some vegetables like thinly slices of carrots and some strips cut of bell pepper! As you can see on the photo, the plate look really inviting! You will definitely asking for more and empty the rice cooker, lol.

Enjoy Cooking!

I just can’t help it, my affair with anything red has gone ever more deeper and stronger with the passing of time. I started out with personal items like shoes and purses but then slowly, I was becoming obsessed as long as it’s red. From the sofa to the dining set, carpets and rugs, pillow cases to counter tops. My friends and family has been very supportive as well. Every now and then they would surprise me with something red like my favorite high heel glass bottle that was given by the bro-in-law. Well I think most of us has this fancy over colors, those that as we lay our eyes on would give us bliss.

In connection with that, I am all smiles since I have the new Red Zen Tea Set from and all I can say is that she is so lovely! It’s made of ceramic with a red and black Zen design, the perfect tea companion for a lazy afternoon or after a good sumptuous dinner. Just like we sis with my adorable daughter, she and I's had our mommy and baby first ever tea party! In my wonderful surprised she loves the teas i made. They sent me assorted tea canisters too to try! And we loved it because family enjoying tea so much! One of husband's collection also, well TEA is good for us health wise! So moving on, to be honest though, I think I will just put her (my new tea set) in the china cabinet most likely and just be amazed with her beauty. I so love thee because I love red and tea, now that’s a rhyme baby!  lol.

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Craving for some Filipino dish? Here is one that you can not resist! Familiar with "TUGNUS", silver fish in English. The lil tiny white fish that most likely for kilawin making. Fish patties is one of our favorite dish especially the silver fish kind. Since mang Thomas is recently available, remembering my childhood mom used to cook us some patties and she sauteed it with onion, garlic and tomatoes slice them all up with salt and pepper to taste and a little bit of water then last but not the least added more tasty flavored of mang Thomas all purposed sauce! It's always the highlight of our lunch! lol. 


Pack of silver fish (available at Asian store or Pinoy store)
1 egg flour
salt and pepper 
cooking oil

Mix them altogether then make a patties. heat oil then fry them until golden brown. Set aside

In a skillet saute chop onion, garlic and tomatoes. Pour mang Thomas sauce to your desired amount with a lil bit of water to soften the sauce. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Toast the fish fritter over the sauce and simmer for 1 minutes. Serve with rice and other condiments you like.

Enjoy Cooking!

Comfort food indeed! Not just that it is healthy as well. We had dinner at PIL's house last night. Took the kids afternoon then they invited us to have dinner with them. MIL baked her scrumptious eggplant recipe. I must say it was the best dinner lately. It's my first time to tried the baked eggplant parmigiana dish. I couldn't resist to ask the recipe because eggplant or TALONG is my favorite vegetable ever! I can eat them everyday literally. Cook like tortang talong in filipino way huh! lol. MIL made a side dishes too, the red lobster ready mix biscuits and just add egg and water the rub it with the tasty garlic butter sauce of RL... yummy! Plus i always enjoy mom's green beans that she fixes us whenever we have dinner at her home. Kids and us were totally stuffed! Thanks for the great supper as always! Wink!