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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

As far as i could remember when growing up is that, i am not fond of this wonder vegetable. Monringa or we called it in native dialect as Malungay is very common to our household. My dad's favorite he can have them everyday! He believes the healthy benefits of it! He keeps reminding us that when we were kids and wanted us to continue eating. The tree itself called horseradish. Very famous in the Philippines. Anyway, this tree i used to take it for granted. I remembered how my grandma fixed it and mom, aunts and dad's favorite cooking is law-oy way. Haha, in-short nothing special but a mix of water, fish (not necessary) slice tomatoes, chop green onions, some garlic for aromatic effect, salt to taste, few other veges such eggplants or string beans and the famous Monringa. Just simmer it until everything is cook. 

So therefore, right now i realized how much i took it for granted. Once in a while i wanted to have those malunggay in my plate either way i could fix them. Gladly we move in FL, now the weather is more on tropical sides. So we planted some trees and they're blooming like crazy, this was my first harvest and first taste since i came here to US seven years ago! Right now, i would never take this for granted and the nutritional benefits of the vegetable is unbeatable which is the important!

When you’re on a diet, it is only natural to avoid eating in-between meals or having a snack. But who among us doesn’t want a real good snack? But here’s the good news, I came across Barefruit Snacks- our much awaited guilt-free snacks! Barefruit is a healthy snack that is 100% organic-baked dried fruit, low in calories, and naturally sweet. From the name itself, you’ll get this idea that it comes from the very fruit, nothing but the fruit! I like the way how the apple chips are baked and those natural sugars caramelize which give us a sweet and tart flavor.

My daughter loves it and I glad cause it’s healthy for her. She ate them with her favorite dipping sauce, lol. Meanwhile, the lil man is not so fond of chips but to my pleasant surprise he really does love this fruits chips! Absolutely healthy and addicting. On my part though, I love their dried fruits especially their mangoes, i bet it is good for sure. It’s my favorite actually because it reminds me a lot like home. Plus they’re not just snacks to munch but can also be infused to baking. Oh well, gotta keep these goodies in our pantry I guess. Winks!

So without further ado it's my pleasure to announce to my readers and friends about Bare fruit Snacks giveaway click here to win a case of delicious apple chips! Good luck to all you guys!

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 ~Lemon Cake~

~Chocolate Oreo Cakes~

Had fun baking and decorating my lovely cakes as seen on photos. I got few (suki) wanted to have my specialty cakes so even though i am quite hectic nowadays, I didn't refuse to make their favorites! The very in-demand cakes i have here are my Oreo flavors. They love love it and i know it's good, lol. The frosting that i made with my own secret recipe what made it bloody delicious. Super creamy, velvety texture and not so sweet that all you can taste is the sugary icing! Of course the super moist cake inside compliment each other.

The other specialty cake i did this week is the lemon cake with lemon curd concoction filling. Well, I am always enjoying whenever i do my hobby which baking even though i squeezed them in on my busy schedule! Now time to send this lemon cake over the girls. Wink!

Here i am so clueless about technology and stuff like that, however though i am glad i have my own personal computer savvy with me. I ask my partner about disk defragmenter? And he explains it to me very well. Now i learned it's for the hard drive, files pictures, files system, everything about files. So anyway, when you keep using your files they eventually fragmented them into pieces. So by using the disk defragmenter, it will help you gather your files again easily. That's it, am glad i know lil bit some pieces of this kind of stuff!

image not mine

Looking for seafood that satisfy your cravings? Seafood delicacies is always number one favorite among everyone! Because they are delicious, addicting, healthy to eat and full of nutrients. It's summer and everyone is calling for seafood. I believed they're always refreshing and food for the soul. It reminds me of my hometown, growing up my dad provide us these kind of stuff, shrimp, crabs, fish, lobster and more! Best way to get them is through online you can buy seafood online at a fraction of the store price locally. Plus they are delivered to your door the next shipping day! Well, when we lived at Tennessee i hardly get seafood and it's a pain because i always crave them especially lobster, it is my favorite of all! So with regards to that my partner usually buy lobster online for me to enjoy my cravings every now and then. Well, who doesn't love lobsters? they are delectably good.

So moving on, we had a great supper at the parent in-laws house last night with the entire family. Dad, mom, grandma, sisters in law, brother in law, nieces and the kiddos. We got invited for an awesome dinner, talk about seafood feast! PIL make sure to have this get together dinner that most likely happens twice a month every Friday of the week. We're all stuffed and had the best seafood dinner lately!

So if you love seafood? Better yet check seafood online as well because the price and quality is outstanding! They get the premium brand and guarantee to arrive to you. And remember seafood are always the best idea to have this time of the season. (Wink)

Ok, back in June I received some good treats from the generous cookie man, Mr. Bart Smith, the founder of He's been making it for over 20 years, and I tell you it is one of best cookies I've ever eaten. Bart is known for his world famous chocolate chips cookies, because .. do you know why? They are baked fresh daily as you order! How good is that? There are no added preservatives whatsoever. When you place your order, if not that day, they are baked for you immediately, and shipped the same day. Talk about getting cookies shipped to you as fresh as can be.

I must admit I am a cookie lover! And Bart's cookies are addicting for me, and my family. We had two kinds of cookies sent to us: (1) the white chocolate chip cookies and (2) milk chocolate chip cookies. Both were delicious! My kids devoured half of them and I ate the rest, LOL. The white chocolate chips are my favorite flavor of all time and they have what I want for a cookie. Because, unlike others out there, these are not flat! Bart's cookies are thick and just right to enjoy every bite. Soft inside, and a 'lil crunchy on the outside! Right now, I am craving some of Bart's cookies, and I'm so glad I found I checked out his site to see what flavors he bakes besides my favorite one! (Wink) 

So, if you are looking for freshly baked (and gluten free) chocolate chip cookie delights, then, check out!

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Whoa! That's exactly our reaction when the pizza delivered to our table, lol. It was humongous large size house special pizza! Literally my lil man lighted up his face and his big round eyes because he and his sister love pizzas so much. Freshly made pizzas are of course the best one to eat unlike the others I've known (no name names). We can tell the difference between fresh and frozen. Probably this is one of the best pizza we ever ate so far. It's made of mix with pepperonis, mushrooms, Italian sausage, green bell peppers, caramelized onion with the mozzarella cheese and the thick crust dough that fresh made daily. The crust just deliciously crunchy from the outside yet soft in the inside! It smells terrific too!
We enjoy our dined in at Nino's Italian place. This was our first time to try their pizza specials because normally we just get the individual slices for kids and we orders our own preferred menus. I typically order the pasta with fried seafood on the side meanwhile the husband is his favorite plates which several of them.

Anyway, Check out your local Nino's Italian Food restaurant and won't miss to try them out. Wink.

The other day I was looking for a good pair of scissors to cut some stuff with and all I could find were regular scissors. That's when I found Tesco direct. They have a large selection of Knives and Scissors and great prices. They don't just have knives and scissors though, they have all the sharpeners and knife blocks to go along with them. I spent quite a while looking at the endless variety of knives, scissors and accessories there.
They really do have a large selection of Knives and scissors. My favorite is the kitchen scissors, as they cut a variety of different things easily and without alot of effort. They also have electric knives, finger guards, honing oils for sharpening and a great selection of wood, plastic and metal blocks to hold all of their great knives and scissors. One of my favorites is their knife block called the Voodoo Block. It looks like a Voodoo doll made out of metal and has spots for the knives to stick in it. It looks really cool! My other favorite is the Taylor Eye Witness Wild 5 Piece Knife Block Set. It's a stunning set of 5 colorful non-stick coated stainless steel knives that includes a Sloping Arcylic Block/Stand, Chef's Knife, Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Utility Knife and a Paring Knife. They are colored with wildlife patterns like Zebra, a Tiger and even a Snake! You should see them for yourself as they look amazing. I will be sure to get a set of these for my wife, as she loves the look of wildlife patterns. Don't forget to get your knife and scissor sharpeners though, because most knives will need an occasional sharpening.

Good thing that Tesco direct also has that covered. Their sharpeners are built to last a long time and they have electric sharpeners as well as the old style steel sharpeners on a handle and the stone type sharpeners that require honing oils. Whatever type of sharpener you prefer, they are sure to have it. Please check them out and see their large selection of Knives, Scissors and accessories for yourself. You will surely find a favorite as well!

More and more people around the world chose to go organics or simply living the healthy kind of way. Avoiding foods that are high in fat, carbs, sugar and opting to the natural ones, no preservatives, less caffeine, and stuff like that. I must say in my not so distance past, I never really like vegetables and fruits a lot, oh well look now! I can’t go on a day without my meal of pure fruits and my glass of smoothie. We always make sure to keep a supply on our fridge but then come to think of it, will they remain as fresh as they’re supposed to be? I mean putting them in the fridge doesn’t keep them fresh for a long time!


So what can we do? There’s a great innovation called Bluapple® and they say if you love fruits and vegetables, then you’ll love it twice as much! How does Blue Apple works?

I am glad i have known this lil friend here! I have a Vegetable garden and i tell you they sprouts like crazy! I couldn't imagine if Bluapple® isn't present in my fridge, sure my harvested produce lasted longer than we anticipated compare it before without the bluapple. I got 2 sample pack, i kept the one and the other one i shared it to my mom in-law which is since then she also like it because she's worst than me in gardening, lol. Thank you for your product! Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

These are some of my all time favorite Filipino kakanin or native pinoy delicacies. Every now and then we crave this decadent pinoy snacks and most of us living here in the States we find our selves making this stuff in the comfort of our home. One thing i miss Philippines is our delicious and varieties of food! Nothing compares and couldn't say more that we truly have the delicious food you could have. Foodies that are inviting and versatile, you won't get tired craving and enjoy eating them.

These Filipino native delicacies typically made of sweet rice, coconut milk, brown/white sugar, rice flours, eggs, and milk. Such things like biko, ginataan, the chikalang, they're all made of this delicate sticky rice accompanied of course with sugary ingredients. I must admit these are my weakness ever since i could remember! Growing up, waiting to manang tindera outside when she starts hollering her baskets full of kakanin. 

Since i am away from home (PH) i make sure our native delicacies are introduced to my family here in abroad. Some they love to eat, some as well they don't bother, lol. However, for me they're all the best food I've ever eaten! Hands down to that!

How about you what's your favorite kakanin?

Besides cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, blogging, writting, pitching, facebooking, selling, chatting, posing and everything i do couponing too! Yes, been doing this since my mother in law introduce it to me way back years ago. She even gave me a coupon baggy for all the coupons I've collected and collecting every now and then. What makes it more interesting is that, I finally figured out the extreme couponing deal! I enjoy going on my trip to grocery store especially Publix and watch those numbers going down by my coupons. They have so much deals to offer, BOGO and so much more! So last night we had the trip and i save chunks of bucks as you can see in the receipt. Not really bad huh!I