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Wine is good as long as it’s taken moderately, in fact wine has health benefits and medicinal values as well. But some people took it to the next level and became alcoholics. The sad thing is that, when you become one, it’s hard to break free from the habit. But did you know that there’s a champagne-like, sparkling beverage but without the alcohol and it’s even natural and healthy? Kristian Regale brings us their Sparkling beverage that’s non-alcoholic, all natural with 8 variants from real fruit juice, gluten and caffeine free and since it’s from Swedish origin, it has less sugar and fewer calories.

Now we got all reasons to celebrate! You know there are those happy moments and you want to open a bottle of champagne but can’t cause the kids can’t join in? With Kristian Regale, even kids can join and enjoy the bubbly and delicious beverage! I’m glad to have these 4 variants in handy- Peach, Pomegranate, Black Currant and of course Apple! I gave one to my parent-in-laws the black currant flavor and without further ado, they totally love it and can't get enough with it! I am so glad that i shared it to them because they looking for healthy and refreshing products that won't harm them you know. If you haven’t tried Kristian Regale yet, grab a bottle now and let’s drink to good health. Wink!

Moreover, I love to cook and experimenting my food every now and then. So without hesitant i infuse the sparkling juices in some of my recipes. As you can see first thing i made was my homemade pancake. I used to remember before i got here in the US, i make our pancake by scratch and never use the store bought pancake mix. One morning i made my husband and kids their delicious breakfast.

In a bowl, i mix 2 cups sifted all purposed flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 cup whiter sugar, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup melted butter, 1 cup fresh milk and 1/2 cup Kristian Regale in Peach flavor instead of orange soda that i normally use. Then just whisk them altogether until the batter gets smooth and bubbly. Then just cook it just the same as you do cook your regular pancakes in a skillet or griddle. Then serve them with your favorite fruits and sides (we had scrambled eggs and hot dogs). It was delicious as always, family enjoyed their plates!

Meanwhile, another fixes i did that day was my healthy fruits smoothies. My daily routine to start my morning. I mix some fresh strawberries, a slice of banana, a handful of fresh frozen blueberries, cut pineapple, slice if apple, few grapes and few baby spinach. Instead of water for liquid, I opted it to Kristian Regale sparkling juice with couple of ice for extra taste. Love it so much!

The last one i incorporate the sparkling juice was the Korean beef spareribs! I must say it is delectably good. I braised the beef using quarter a cup of apple flavor, we can tastes the mouth watering delicious concoction of the meat and the sauce is so good. The Korean beef is always my husband favorite!

Korean Beef Recipe:

1 lbs baby beef spareribs (cut to serving pieces)
2 gloves garlic (chopped)
2tbsp soy sauce
1tsp vinegar
1/4 cup KG
1/4tsp ground pepper
pack of green peas
1 tsp cooking oil

Saute garlic until light brown. Bring the meat and stir, pour soy sauce, vinegar, KG and pepper. Cover and braised it for 10-15 minutes or until meat is brown. Toast the vegetable then stir. Let the everything marries together until the sauce is a bit of caramelized.

So, if you haven’t tried Kristian Regale yet, grab a bottle now and let’s drink to good health and ofcourse enjoy cooking with them. Wink! Like them on Facebook for more updates and tips. Follow on Twitter as well.

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Had a fantastic weekend with all those delicious food trucks in out city last Saturday. Food Truck Frenzy invaded us! A moving culinary event, for one reason to visits cities and towns and to share their delectable cuisines in different origins of life. These was the second time in two months. The park was totally packed. It's raining yet it didn't stop the fun and people are just having the best time of their life. Food includes, BBQ, tacos, Korean, Japanese, seafood such as lobster rolls, wide varieties of snacks, cupcakes, drinks and more. I love the Empanada & Fries truck, they have the best empanada I've ever taste. With variety of flavors from spicy beef, to chicken, ham & cheese, shrimp and lots more! They have desserts empanada as well, my favorite was the dulce de leche. It give me the idea to make one one day! Will definitely try the Nutella empanada. Wink. 

Such a lovely weekend, kids had fun and so as we! Took home some foodies we bought on the event. 

Went for a longest drive lately to delivered some stuff to a costumer. I preferred to be with him instead driving alone for 8 hours total. It was a fun ride seeing scenic views here and there! One thing as well i was assisting him while he was installing the outdoor furniture we brought. He put them together and holding a a spring clamp to the certain spot here and there. So the tasks are more easy and quick. Afterwards he treated his reliable assistant to a delicious dinner date at Apple Bee's, lol! 

Nothing beat of fresh and delicious fruit smoothies to start up your day. Always love and want healthy breakfast such as the one i made for myself and kids this morning. A mix of banana, pineapples, strawberries, frozen blueberries and grapes with couple pieces of ice and a cup of water to complete the delectable flavor. The pineapples gives the sweetness and tropical taste. It is indeed a super food to start the week. 

Have a wonderful weekdays ahead everyone!

I am talking about one of the family member that is looking for a custom stuff for his new business which is hot sauce. He goes to shows and events here and there. He thought of getting his name to the next level. Trying to help him find the best tablecloth printing around. This is the best way to lift his hot sauce brand in whenever fairs, festival events and shows he is going to attend in the future. So far so good, positive feedback and comments he is getting.