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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

This was a hit to my friends and family during the celebration of my niece high school graduation party this year! I was so excited to make this cake, my sister in-law helped with the prepping of the best chocolate cake we ever had. It's a homemade recipe that we have kept for special occasion only, lol. The delicious Oreo icing is the highlight of the cake, everyone just loves it! The Celebrant loved the color of black and white, so i incorporated it with what the Oreo cookie looks like. From cake to the icing you can really tastes the heavenly goodness! Well who doesn't love Oreo alright! It was my pleasure to bake this cake for her! Wink.

I stumbled upon a pretty cool website called bunny dj in charleston sc wherein it's possible to hire professional DJs for your social and special events. I'm never really a fan but I must say it requires true talent to be a disk jockey. My school in college before was near a radio station and would often pass by there along with my classmates who were super fans. So anyway, if there something like this service locally, I think it would be fun to actually have them around, playing cool and hip music that makes anyone feel young at heart.

How many times did rock artists amaze us with their performances? Countless. I am not a big fan of rock music but they do impressed me. I'm talking about slow rock though and not the heavy metal, there's something in their music that chills the mood, like Dougtry, I adore him lol! Anyway, just saw something while browsing, it's best for rock players out there, click the links and check it out!

I've been so busy with my offline job recently. However, in some point i make sure to not to miss my baking hobby. I did several cakes lately from anniversary cakes to graduation cakes and as well some local orders. Anyway, this time my niece graduated this year to go high school and we're throwing her a party it like a small celebration just strictly families, and the surprised cake i made. Well, she definitely loved horses and collects them since. So, I thought of the idea of making her a graduation horse cake theme would be lovely. Yours truly made this all day and i was enjoying every bit of it, decorating with all the details and stuff. Family loved it also and most specially the celebrant! 

April was my PIL's month and it's their 45th wedding anniversary this year. We thought of throwing them a surprised party with all the families and friends invited. So without further ado these was the cake i made for them, pretty huh? lol. The theme was royal blue and i did a three tier with different flavor of cakes. The first layer was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, then the second was yellow cake with my homemade peanut butter cream filling and lastly is a chocolate layered Oreo cake which is my signature cake of course. Love chocolate cake you know! Everyone enjoyed the every bite of it! I got lots of compliments and they loved the beautiful and simple ideas of it. 

On the second note, for the decoration and niknaks thingy, i used the Kitkat chocolates with some edible beads on top to finished it off!

If you go to a Thai restaurant, make sure you got this! It is the best noodle soup you could get! My newly found favorite Thai food indeed. It's simple made of delicious beef broth with authentic Thai rice noodles, thinly slice beef meat and a side of fresh vegetables such as bean sprout, cilantro, basil and slices of lime. I love mine just the cilantro and beansprout alone and couple of fresh squeeze lime juice! Then don't forget to drop some hoisin sauce or chiracha! The flavorful broth what makes this very satisfying and it can only be found at Thai restaurant guys! Wink.

Are you looking for honda atv parts? My brother does, althoug his was for his big honda motorbike! He was such a motorbike enthusiast and finds joy when he gets to customize his big bike. I used to get a little annoyed before, I can't understand why he takes care of his bike like a girlfriend, lol! But good thing he kinda mellowed down. Anyway for you out there who's into vehicles and driving, well you might want to keep the handy link provided above.

Craving for seafood? Well, you can have it as fast as you can imagine. Just cook a single portion to satisfy your cravings b checking out Publix store at seafood section and you can see different kinds of delicious yummy seafood goodness such as crabs, clams, fish, shellfish and more. Meanwhile, I thought of seafood like the crawfish and mahi fish are good combination to have and try! So, without a second thought i got a pound of each of them just for me though, because my housemates doesn't eat seafood much. My procedure is, i cook it in a coconut cream base style concoction with a lil bit of spices of a Cayenne pepper and paprika. Then, for a side dish it's simple yet delish and flavorful fried mahi-mahi along with my steam rice of course. Look at the creamy sauce, so decadent, i assured you it is a mouth watering experienced! Sureness your seafood craving is solved. Wink!

Before i go ahead and check out what exactly is pioneer dj from guitar center looks like, i would have to clean up the clutter in my home office, my computer files and not to mention my endless emails. i just realized i've been so busy offline lately and a lot of my online related job are so cluttered and piling up big time! I'd buy out some time today and sort everything before I end up being lazy again. Anyway this is a good start for a happy and relaxing weekend. Speaking of, can't wait for weekend, needless to say, it's my favorite part of the week!

Outback steakhouse is by far one of the best American restaurant here in our local or across the country! The steak is so delicious and perfect that's the reason why the husband loved this restaurant, he always get his steak cooked to perfection, lol.

I loved their bread on the house too! Well, who doesn't? It is so soft in the inside yet crunchy on the outside crust along with the house butter, yum! 

That time, i was craving my all time favorite appetizer the SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP with crispy chips, so good! For that i must have them! I honestly, can eat all of it if i have too! Haha.

The husband's NY steak is served with fries and assortment vegetables!

For me, I loved their blooming onions most of the time we order it as apps. But, this time thought of just a bit of it and not much so i wanted to have it in my entree for just toppings! A 6 oz. steak is just right, I had them both together was a perfect choice. The steak melts in your mouth and very tender. Very happy with my choices!

We're stuffed and fulfilled we had experienced that weekend. Now, i am craving to dine at Outback Steakhouse again! Calling husband, lol!

I'm still in the searching and thinking process of what to give my kiddos as their past time while I'm at work. And yes, I'm still considering of music and musical instruments. My children were born in Tennessee, the home of country music, in my mind I do see my son playing a guitar on stage. And I'll be one proud a stage-mom if ever! So to make this vision a step closer to reality, it came to me to search for the best guitars. One of the options online is jose ramirez guitars from musicians friend. Accordingly, José Ramírez guitars are constructed from aged wood of the finest quality. Great care has been taken to use no wood before its time. Sounds good for a guitar company. I think I have to dig on to this!

I was definitely in heaven when my husband took us to Joe's Crab Shack in Orlando Florida during our 8th year wedding anniversary date! First of all, back in Tennessee I've been wanting to go to this restaurant- one of the famous here in the country. Seafood, Seafood? who doesn't loved them? except people who are allergy to them right! Anyway, i am dreaming to eat at this place big time and have to experience this humongous bib ever, lol. So anyway, am excited much, i ordered the popular steam pot of shrimps, crabs and lobster! Here i GO! As well got us an appetizers which the fried pickles (my other favorite food yumyum) and of-course the calamari, Yes! 

The food are so delicious and top of the notch! Worth the money and i enjoyed the lady server who did the service for us. She's very approachable, attentive and she makes sure we are happy diners! I bet she's happy because i gave her more than of 20% tip you know. I just wish Joe's is closer so i can visit him when i am craving for his seafood specialties! 

That's why guys, if you happened to come to Orlando or places in Florida, don't miss to visit their restaurant and i guarantee you, you will definitely enjoy your moments there. So, let's get cracking!

I'm fond of cameras but I must admit this is the first time I've heard of Wildlife Camera. The name itself is intriguing and so is the looks. This type of camera is designed for the outdoors, for those who loves to take on Safari adventure maybe or explore the jungle and capture the most breath-taking sights of nature. The camera can be strap on branches of trees, it's like a camouflage that looks super cool! The nice part is that such cams aren't that expensive which I really thought because it's designed for special purposes.

Time to relax! I'm not typically a drinker of beverages or anything with alcohol it in because i have a very low tolerance of alcohol. So just a sip of wine is awesome for me, lol. However though, this Peach Bellini malt beverage is just too good to pass it. I love the flavor of it, it's like a beer-beverage with a tangy peach flavor. It has 6% alcohol content, so, after i had a bottle of it, i was literally tipsy turvy, you have no idea, lol. Gladly though i had it at dinner time at home so its nothing to worry about because i went straight ahead to the bed. So anyway, if you haven't try it yet? better have one and for sure you will love it. Got them a pack of six at ABC wine and liquor store nationwide.

Beating some of your basins in the house, thinking and visualizing it as a drum? Why not try having this exceptional remo drum sold in pouch friendly price and own a new drum set? Playing drums is really cool though, and being a band member, learning this kind of stuff really enhances our taste in music. In fact, beating this remo drum is really fun playing with, too! Usually, it is used in playing rock and roll music, but, it can also gives heart-warming tones. Remo drum plays many different genres too. Now, I tell you, grab it! Play it! Have fun with remo drum set.

These is my latest addition of among the most delectable chocolates I've ever had! Seriously, I never would have thought until a friend of mine gave me a bag of assorted lindor truffles last weekend. Twas a good surprised. well, inside the beautiful made gold pouches are the assortment of milk, dark and white truffles. Everyone knows i am a white chocolates lover. It was a love at first bite! The white truffles is just heavenly, it is so creamy inside and silky on the outside! Dddeelicious! My husband loves his milk chocolate, meanwhile the kiddos ate the dark ones. Thank you my dearest friend for such yummy treats! Definitely recommended for you guys and would get some more at store. Wink!

Looking at excellent Pearl cymbals at musicians friend reminds me of a friend who used to play cymbals when we were in college. Actually he never was the musically inclined type of person, he's sporty and rough and there seemed to be no trace of being creative or artistic in his blood. But then he needed to join the band to keep his scholarship. The good thing about him is that though he was not into it, he was very determined and became one of the best cymbal players of the band. And from what I know of, even now, after all the years passed, he still plays it, which means he really did learn to love it.

One of the husband's favorite Filipino dish is the Mung Beans Soup with Coconut Milk. He just loved it so much to the point he is craving for it every now and then. Since i am working at a restaurant and the shifts are lunch dinner time, i rarely cook food in my kitchen anymore and i really missing it lately. We both work outside so at home we are hectic and just grab or eat anything that is quick fixing you know. However, during my offs, i make sure i cook everyone something delicious and extra special! So the other day, i made us the mung beans for lunch a comforting soup and very timely for the cold weather right now.

Recipe: For 3-4 people

1 1/2 cup Mung beans
1 cup left over meat ( i use my roasted turkey)
chopped med onion
diced garlic about two cloves
6 cherry tomatoes
2 stalks scallions
small can of coconut milk
salt and pepper to taste
dash of garlic
dash of paprika
med size bell pepper
6 cups water
2 tbsp fish sauce

In a pot boiled the mung beans until it's al dente, In another skillet sauteed garlic, onions, tomatoes and meat altogether until it's brown and fragrant. Add salt, pepper, garlic salt and paprika, stir it. Then pour to the mung beans pot. Stir and simmer for 10 minutes. Then add the coconut milk, scallions, bell peppers and fish sauce, continue boilling until it's done cooking. Approximately another 10 minutes. Serve with steam rice.


To sing your heart out is definitely one of the joys in life. Whether you have a nice voice or not, who would care? You can do it in the shower or you can feel like a true diva in front of friends or family. When I saw this classic blue microphones at musicians friend, I suddenly feel like singing. It's been decades since I had karaoke with friends and I really do miss those good times. Looking forward to doing it again, I just wonder when.

I just love the look of my China cabinet right now. I started collecting my stuff so i can display it inside way back November of last year, when my mother in-law gave me her antique China cabinet. I must admit ever since when i was younger, i have the fascination of glasses, name it! From wine glasses to shot glasses, plates, condiments and stuff  that you seen inside a china cabinets and things like that, as long they look unique and rare to me or specially the limited edition kind of stuff.

So far, i have few of unique and custom wine glasses inside, i got it as gifts from friends and families, they know me well and they love giving me this collection, lol. Everything inside are very significant to me and i just can't believed how much many I've collected so far now.

It stuffed and vibrantly pretty, it just the way i love it! Every time i glance at them am enjoying the look of my china cabinet. I want them well organized and in the perfect places where they should be. Wink.