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I just love the look of my China cabinet right now. I started collecting my stuff so i can display it inside way back November of last year, when my mother in-law gave me her antique China cabinet. I must admit ever since when i was younger, i have the fascination of glasses, name it! From wine glasses to shot glasses, plates, condiments and stuff  that you seen inside a china cabinets and things like that, as long they look unique and rare to me or specially the limited edition kind of stuff.

So far, i have few of unique and custom wine glasses inside, i got it as gifts from friends and families, they know me well and they love giving me this collection, lol. Everything inside are very significant to me and i just can't believed how much many I've collected so far now.

It stuffed and vibrantly pretty, it just the way i love it! Every time i glance at them am enjoying the look of my china cabinet. I want them well organized and in the perfect places where they should be. Wink.