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Outback steakhouse is by far one of the best American restaurant here in our local or across the country! The steak is so delicious and perfect that's the reason why the husband loved this restaurant, he always get his steak cooked to perfection, lol.

I loved their bread on the house too! Well, who doesn't? It is so soft in the inside yet crunchy on the outside crust along with the house butter, yum! 

That time, i was craving my all time favorite appetizer the SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP with crispy chips, so good! For that i must have them! I honestly, can eat all of it if i have too! Haha.

The husband's NY steak is served with fries and assortment vegetables!

For me, I loved their blooming onions most of the time we order it as apps. But, this time thought of just a bit of it and not much so i wanted to have it in my entree for just toppings! A 6 oz. steak is just right, I had them both together was a perfect choice. The steak melts in your mouth and very tender. Very happy with my choices!

We're stuffed and fulfilled we had experienced that weekend. Now, i am craving to dine at Outback Steakhouse again! Calling husband, lol!