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While conch fritters and meat patties are two of the Caribbean’s most well-known food commodities, the cuisineof the Caribbean is far more diverse than just these items. While refrigeration has helped spread them beyond their place of origin, it is still preferable to enjoy them when dining these unique meals on a visit to the Caribbean. There you can visit an RIU Caribbean resort and stay at a place where you can experience the atmosphere, culture, music and food. You can savor the taste of a meat patty – hot or mild! – along with some real ginger beer. Or enjoy conch fritters with a dip that goes best with beer while enjoying the music of the band in the evening.

For a full meal the RIU resort restaurants offer fine dining with a taste of the islands as well as cuisine from other cultures. Their tropical nature ensures the use of many fruits in not only their regular dishes but also in their beverages and sauces. Everyone is acquainted with the use of mangos, coconuts, pineapples, citrus and other tropical fruits. Their juices permeate many popular island beverages. And the vast use of seafoods is also evident. Nearly every edible item in the ocean can be found upon the plate in one dish or another, and is cooked in almost every manner known to mankind. On your next visit to an RIU resort you must sample the vast cuisine of the region where you stay. Use your Groupon coupon to get yourself the most authentic meal possible from your resort’s best restaurant menu list. Don’t be like folks who visit New Orleans just to eat pizzadelivered from a national chain. That is a crime to yourself since dining upon different cuisines is one of the most sensuous parts of visiting another culture.

 When you decide to try something different you might go off to a local town to try food you can find at one of the restaurants or food fairs. Nothing can really give one the feel for a culture like eating their native foods in the most natural settings. Eating at a local market is one way you can enjoy the atmosphere you have traveledto experience. And it is also the way to learn new and special ingredients, seasonings and cooking techniques that might add special character to your own cooking methods.