Simply Filipina

Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Crepes without a doubt is everyone's favorite! I found it very delicate food to eat. The filling is what makes extra special! Crepes is made of flour, milk and eggs! I can make them with my eyes close using the pancake mix but the batter has to be perfectly mix otherwise the crepe won't be made right, It is very delicate and thin, one wrong flip will be the ruin of entire dish!

Talking about the filling, It's basically cream cheese and the choice of flavors. You can use fruits normally, chocolate base is also good, nutella or peanut butter with whipped cream mix is another flavor profile to try. This recipe is a blueberry filling which i personally made it at my kitchen, lol. Since i love fruits to use to for my filling. I tell you it is very delicious! It's creamy and just addicting!

Housemate's favorite pasta is of-course the spaghetti! They can devour it in a heart beat. Days ago i made us the Filipino spaghetti with a twist of flavors. I had a pack of pinoy style spaghetti sauce in my pantry. So, i used them to be the major sauce for the pasta, the flavor is on the sweet side other than a savory taste like the regular spaghetti we have here. Anyway, what i did and just perfect for me and kids was, i marry the sweet and savory sauces together more sweet thou (70/30). It came out so good, i used pork meat (lean) and sprinkled it with mix cheeses and some chopped spinach for a healthy side, lol. Well, kids enjoyed it and ate every bit from their plate. So i think, it was a successful one!

This was a hit to my friends and family during the celebration of my niece high school graduation party this year! I was so excited to make this cake, my sister in-law helped with the prepping of the best chocolate cake we ever had. It's a homemade recipe that we have kept for special occasion only, lol. The delicious Oreo icing is the highlight of the cake, everyone just loves it! The Celebrant loved the color of black and white, so i incorporated it with what the Oreo cookie looks like. From cake to the icing you can really tastes the heavenly goodness! Well who doesn't love Oreo alright! It was my pleasure to bake this cake for her! Wink.

I stumbled upon a pretty cool website called bunny dj in charleston sc wherein it's possible to hire professional DJs for your social and special events. I'm never really a fan but I must say it requires true talent to be a disk jockey. My school in college before was near a radio station and would often pass by there along with my classmates who were super fans. So anyway, if there something like this service locally, I think it would be fun to actually have them around, playing cool and hip music that makes anyone feel young at heart.

How many times did rock artists amaze us with their performances? Countless. I am not a big fan of rock music but they do impressed me. I'm talking about slow rock though and not the heavy metal, there's something in their music that chills the mood, like Dougtry, I adore him lol! Anyway, just saw something while browsing, it's best for rock players out there, click the links and check it out!

I've been so busy with my offline job recently. However, in some point i make sure to not to miss my baking hobby. I did several cakes lately from anniversary cakes to graduation cakes and as well some local orders. Anyway, this time my niece graduated this year to go high school and we're throwing her a party it like a small celebration just strictly families, and the surprised cake i made. Well, she definitely loved horses and collects them since. So, I thought of the idea of making her a graduation horse cake theme would be lovely. Yours truly made this all day and i was enjoying every bit of it, decorating with all the details and stuff. Family loved it also and most specially the celebrant! 

April was my PIL's month and it's their 45th wedding anniversary this year. We thought of throwing them a surprised party with all the families and friends invited. So without further ado these was the cake i made for them, pretty huh? lol. The theme was royal blue and i did a three tier with different flavor of cakes. The first layer was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, then the second was yellow cake with my homemade peanut butter cream filling and lastly is a chocolate layered Oreo cake which is my signature cake of course. Love chocolate cake you know! Everyone enjoyed the every bite of it! I got lots of compliments and they loved the beautiful and simple ideas of it. 

On the second note, for the decoration and niknaks thingy, i used the Kitkat chocolates with some edible beads on top to finished it off!

If you go to a Thai restaurant, make sure you got this! It is the best noodle soup you could get! My newly found favorite Thai food indeed. It's simple made of delicious beef broth with authentic Thai rice noodles, thinly slice beef meat and a side of fresh vegetables such as bean sprout, cilantro, basil and slices of lime. I love mine just the cilantro and beansprout alone and couple of fresh squeeze lime juice! Then don't forget to drop some hoisin sauce or chiracha! The flavorful broth what makes this very satisfying and it can only be found at Thai restaurant guys! Wink.